Heart 143

Well well well!

On the morning May 12, 2022, HEARTSPACE (heart143.neocities.org) has officially reached the 143 followers milestone!!! Yipee!!! Heartspace is also on the 2nd page of Neocities' Most followed websites! (haah..!?) Yes and thank you very much to my Neocities followers!

I don't really like having milestones because followers and views are just numbers on the Internet!!! but I have this feeling that I need to anyway, most obviously because everyone is doing it too!! And also really don't want to come off as ungrateful. It is a little scary though, isn't it? Being known..

So why Heart 143?

First off, Heart is short for "Realheart" is my Internet pseudonym! It doesn't go any deeper than that~ I first thought of the name "Heart" in 2017, and it is based on the hearts card suit.

The 143 however is a little bit more special since my mom picked it out for me ^~^ She taught me when I was little that 143 means "I love you" which I though was so cute and sweet~ The number meant a lot to me and it's my favorite number next to 9 and 3 (actually it's much more special than 9 or 3 so I don't ever use it unless it's for something special), so naturally I had to snatch the heart143 site URL in Neocities!!! It's just so perfect (you know... hearts are a motif that's associated with love!!!!)

I really thought my super clever mom invented the "143 = I love you" until recently when I learned from a friend that it was actually from Fred Rogers AKA Mr. Rogers ^_^ it makes sense cuz my mom likes Mr. Rogers

This video even has exactly 143 likes... wow!

Mr. Rogers is a really cool guy but to me, 143 is a number that I will forever associate with my mom!!! ^_____^ wahhhh!!! tears are running down my lacrimal canaliculi... I can't put the rest to words. I love you mommy >__<

huff.. anyway... now that I have exactly 143 followers, nobody is allowed to follow or unfollow me, ever!!!

I'll also be making a site award for people to freely take and display on their websites-- It'll come one day!!!

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Thank you to Miss Wannabe and Aisha respectively for the last two buttons :3

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