HELLOOOOOO INTERNET I'm Heart and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE PINK STUFF!!!! (if that wasn't obvious yet luh ma fauw (lmfao))

I've made the decision to quit the big social media sites and establish my Internet presence here in Neocities instead. I was unfortunately born too late to experience Geocities and the old web when the Internet was fun and not so crappy and ...fast...i think that's how to describe it idk so I'm glad I discovered this website webhosting thing. Plus it's way better for my mental health. I really DO hope that Neocities gets popular (*ehem* past me i'm looking at you :l)

Also im reeeeeeeeeeally shy teehee!! @^_^@ If you try to talk to me for the first time one on one I probably would take a long time to answer or not answer at all. Sadly I lie a lot against my will u_u But I'm not shy here I guess cuz I'm practically screaming into the void that is the Internet so the Massive ego underneath my layer of shy is free to unveil as long as no one tries to have proper conversations with me! wahoo

I'm trying to be more honest and true to myself so if I came off as a little mean, ppppuh-lease!! tell me about it!!!! and like, don't immediately block me without explaining why!!! and definitely pleaase don't talk about me rudely behind my back!!! I rarely use tone indicators because I overthink a lot about my actions and I need to practice not falling for it! Although I will use /joking, /sarcastic, /exaggerated when I think it's necessary.

Facts about me

  • My pseudo-name is inspired by the card suit!
  • It's hard for me to pinpoint which shade of pink is my favorite. I don't know the name for most of them, but I like pinks that lean towards a warm/redder shade.
  • I love the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts aesthetic... I don't know the proper term. Should I say, fantasy Victorian era? Card suits, scissors, gold trimmings, lace, a bit of steampunk, and outright bizarre and surrealist imagery... I think it's wonderful
  • I wear glasses B)
  • I'm more sarcastic than usual when I'm in a bad mood climate
  • I like....... boys!!!! >////<
  • I am cute.

Likes & Dislikes

Favorite things

Hobbies drawing, doing website making stuff, playing games, crochet, watching video essays on YouTube
Food spaghetti, ice cream, soup
Drinks water, milk
Colors pink, red
Flowers rose, hibiscus, mussaenda plant
Animals bunnies, birds, insects
Insects butterflies, moths, mantises, beetles
Species pseudo-humans/artificial life (dolls, robots, marionettes, etc.), clowns
Aesthetics old web, scene, Y2K, McBling, clowncore/circuscore, weirdcore, surrealism, solarpunk
Topics art, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history

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