Birth flower Chrysanthemum
Birth gemstone Topaz
Hogwarts house Ravenclaw
DND Alignment lawful neutral

~ Extended introduction ~

There are some things about myself that I am sure of:

I'm shy >_< but I won't be when I'm expressing myself on this website of course. I will most definitely be shy during small talk. I'm also pretty paranoid and skeptical sometimes (Internet safety is a must!) Cuz of that I may take a really long time to reply.

I'm optimistic. I always look at the bright side of things. People say it's "toxic positivity" but they're wrong. I don't just rely on luck to be happy. I always do my best to find solutions. I believe that if there is a will, there is a way! I also don't like to take things super seriously. I like to keep things happy and fun.

I also really like cute fun stuff and mysterious things ;3 does that say anything special about me?

I bet you're wondering, how could someone who uses emoticons like ':P' and ':3' have a theme that's all gothic and red and black?! Ah dunno... I do agree red and black is a mature color scheme. I also think it's very elegant... and I like to act sophisticated sometimes haha.. for funsies. Red and black is also considered 'edgy' but like, I swear I'm not edgy, I think!! I also really like pink but now I think pink is a bit too childish for me now. I still like goofy things, I swear!

I'm a highschooler, and I don't mean to brag (maybe I do) but my grades are... ... pretty good B) cuz like, I'm that cool! Kahaha! Not like it really matters when I grow up... but know that I am the kind of person to not really give a f*** but kinda do anyway! Ehh eh.. does that makes sense? whatever...

I also don't like swearing... cuz I'm cute and being a pottymouth is not cute, at least to me!

I'm also pretty kind. I'm kind to strangers I meet on the Internet! Although I do despise any type of self-harm... It won't be met by my pity but instead by apathy and a little disdain. If you can't be kind to yourself then you don't deserve my kindness at all. What counts as self-harm to me? Well, self-mutilation is the worst type and hearing about it won't make me angry but would actually make me sad... But refusing to cater to your body's basic needs is also a type of self-harm and people love bragging about it and it makes me fume! Please, drink water, eat a snack, sleep! Stop exposing all your weaknesses to strangers on the Internet! Even self-deprecation jokes! I hate it...

But.. I know and I acknowledge that sometimes people can't just eat, drink, or sleep immediately after I tell them to, maybe because of factors they cannot control. And cuz of that, I make sure to take responsibility of myself. I do my best not to snap and worsen the condition of a person who may be struggling terribly.

But... self-deprecation... One can totally overcome them! So like, if you're reading this and you have a habit of being self-deprecating, please stop! I believe you can do better! Please believe in yourself too.

Eh.. ... that's all, I think.


~ Contact ~

Yo... you want to talk to me and crap? bro... my e-mail is xxheartcakes143@gmail.com. There's a 25% chance I will reply.. that's 50% chance of me checking my e-mail and reading then 50% chance of me actually replying (so like, that's 25%, right?)

I'd also give my Discord but like, I'm really paranoid ... and I'm not joining any servers unless it's some big Neocities event or something.

Oh yeah, when you want to send me an e-mail, please write it like you're some handsome 19th century dude... teehee!!! Joking, of course... but you can totally do it, like, it's recommended! but still optional, of course... ....


My name "Heart"... I think it's a wonderful name! I'm so glad I chose it as my name. It sounds cute! But at the same time it's pretty... grand? Pretty... mysterious? I don't know how to describe it... I got the name Heart from the playing card suit. I really like playing card motifs, which I discovered through Alice in Wonderland. That's probably why my current name also gives me "bizarre" and "surreal" vibes. Actually, a long time ago, I had an OC named Heart. She was a robot based on the playing card of course, and the Queen of Hearts.

The name "Heart" is very unique. So unique! It's another reason why I like it so much. Honestly, if I find another internet use that goes by the same name, I'd be pretty pissed. It's MY name! I'm the only Heart in this universe! But of course, that's impossible. So if I find another person that goes by "Heart", I'd probably still be pissed about it but I'll do it as quietly as possible, and of course I won't hate on them for it. Maybe...

Although one time... this person... they copied my name... and they weren't just a stranger, OK? I have actually added them on my Pony Town friends list, and we have hung out on several occasions, and they definitely know me as 'Heart'. They actually copied from me twice: first, they copied my K1-B0 Pony Town cosplay, *then* my name. I'm the first one with that name so they really should not have taken it cuz now they have a bad reputation in the Pony Town community. Hmph!