2021 art

My OC Mic (short for Microphone) This was supposed to be for Art Fight 2021 but I didn't finish it! Why he jumpin

Mic doodles

My species OC Fruitella (Milkshake Lynxes)

A commission (fake money!!!) for my friend (also from Milkshake Lynxes)

Experimental drawing..!! I wanted it to be kawaii!!~~ but it turned out to be just an OK level kawaii

Kaede is 11 years old here! She likes My Little Pony. I drew it in the "scenecore" art style!

Doodles and stuff

Shuichi cosplaying Kirumi (animegao) (his mask is off)

My redesign of Kagura's Rainy Walk skin

??? who is this IDK him