2022 - finished illustrations

Jaden Yuki going for a high five and Kuriboh fist bumping Jaden's hand happily

1/14/22 - Did my first ever commission for real money ever!!! Thank you so much again Koinuko!!!!~~ >_^ I'm happy I was able to earn money for my family!! I'm going to rework my art page so it looks a bit nicer to look at and create a commission sheet!!

Misa Amane taking a selfie while L and Light are busy looking at something else

1/16/22 - Eh? I dunno~ this was fun to draw~

Korekiyo standing there looking like he's about to faint or something. His skin is brown from being cooked, and he looks melted. Steam is coming off him

1/20/22 - So I wanted to draw zombies! For this one I drew a zombie Kiyo? So like, I was wondering what a boiled zombie would look like, and I really wasn't sure so I gave him brown skin because that's what happens to cooked meat right? Thinking about it more now, meat like pork or beef turns into a light gray color when boiled... While meat turns brown when roasted or fried!(? I don't remember but whatever) I also made him look drippy? Like he's melting? I think I could've done way better on this, and I'm actually planning to redraw this (also he's supposed to be wet but he looks very dry?!). But first I want to draw a frankenstein Kaede >__< lol

Also I think this looked better without the colors

2/2/22 - hey it's 2222!!! Also here!! It's a bit unpolished but that's because I'm busy, and anyway it was fun coloring!!!! I think I'm getting a hang of the Sai brushes (I think)