Black and white drawing of Korekiyo and Lyra Heartstrings. Korekiyo is sitting with arms and legs crossed, wearing a windbreaker jacket, a unicorn headband, a skirt, and leg warmers. Lyra is standing like a human wearing Korekiyo's uniform

1/11/22 - Anthropology!~ Lyra and Kiyo both like anthropology, so they should meet! I'm so clever aha~

Kaede Akamatsu but with bunny features

fricking bunny!!!!

1/17/22 - Here are a bunch of doodles from a Whiteboard Fox session

Korekiyo looking tired Luo Yi looking goofy? Kai being Kai (just standing there listlessly) Me showcasing my hand drawing skills in a drawing of Tia Safalin looking frightened or something A screenshot that's trying to include Tia Safalin's legs into the frame (also Kai is there)

I drew a Tia Safalin full body but I can't fit it in the screenshot!!

1/20/22 - Monster Kaede doodles

Kaede Akamatsu with frankenstein stitches on her face and 2 metal screws on either side of her neck Kaede as an angler fish monster girl. Her ahoge is the lightbulb antenna thing lol

1/25/22 - I like to draw in MS paint when I get art block

1/30/22 - I almost forgot to post these xP Going back to school soon...

Kazuha for my friend

Ahh I forgot how to draw girls...

He's silly xP I planned to have Safalin posing there there too but I forgot how to draw girls!!! Also I forgot to make him hold his ice cream thing so it's just floating there now!!!

2/1/22 - Elle Woods Miu?? and bag doggy Kiiber! I really like this drawing xD I want to finish this as an illustration

2/3/22 - Gonta is so cute~~~

2/5/22 - he's so hard to draw >:(

2/6/22 - made him a friend

2/8/22 - there's 3 of them now! I just need to draw Gonta and Tenko now

2/8/22 - Trying out a silly sketchy dead inside doodle style??! The characters are pregame Kiyo, Rantaro, and Miu!!! I think they are friends

Click on this link to see a gore drawing!

It's my first time drawing something like this and it's pretty light cuz I didn't use references! Also, I had adult permission to do this, okay!!! Also the drawing is based on that dream I had about Korekiyo

No energy for fancy blur scripts!

Request from my friend! Draw Rantaro in "All of us are dead" uniform

I was reading this really messed up but funny(?) YTTD fanfic, and if you know it then, ??!?!?*&HD*@()EM#_)(ENMJ(&JBNE*DR^@&_#PE!* {@W_NMX _(W)* NM)R($*)


Cute little family with big brother baby brother and baby sister!~ >w<

LEGENDARY KAI PIN UP DOLL so I made this because I needed someone to watch over me while I do homework so I stay focused... But it didn't work!!!!!! It's the pose!!!! Why did I draw him like that???? It's so out of character..

I still like it though XD