I try to draw more digitally. I use Medibang and MS Paint.

Finished illustrations

Characters are from Danganronpa V3 ^w^ pahahahahaha!

Myyyyyy Stardew Valley farmerrrrrr!!!!

My OC Mic! (short for Microphone) This was for ArtFight but I never finished his full reference

My Milkshake Lynx OC, Fruitella. Milkshake Lynx is a species that originated from the game Pony Town.

A commission for a friend. Character is also from the Milkshake Lynx species.

Another commission. For the leader of the Milkshake Lynx species, Ryui. :3

wow! yet another commission. Milkshake lynx! My art style back then was smoother

Fluttershy! This was more of a painting experiment


Some of my favorite bug pokemon! Scizor, Leavanny, Lurantis. I forgot to draw something here but I won't mention what!


fadam! Meet Obsidian Pyrite! You can call him Beanie for short! He's my species OC from the Pony Town species called Glass Galores.

These are concept sketches I think. I think he's totes adorable! I wanted him to look creepy but I kinda failed. Das okeyz does!!

Is beanie doing da middal fingaaaaa??!!! O_O no! of course not kehehe! He's doing the ring finger

beanie in pony town

Microphone doodles

A concept redesign for Kagura's Rainy Walk skin. I think the current design in really ugly so I tried to make it look better imo

My Cloudy Bear OC. Cloudy Bears are a species in Pony Town, like Milkshake Lynxes :P

Another Cloudy Bear Oc of mine.

Painting experiment. Is this a doodle? XD

Zeraora. Very old doodle!

Nate and Rosa from Pokemon

There is no such thing as a coincidence

awww kibo bunmy

Silvanna and X.borg from MLBB

Odette MLBB

Works in progress

nevurrrr gonna finish this

Mira, my OC from my first ever species Kunnies rest in peace

Pixel art/Website resources

Some pixel stuff I made for Neocities. Free to use BUT please credit me by linking my website somewhere on your website! You can use my button but it isn't necessary. Just a visible link will do. I use MS Paint and/or Pixilart.com to make these

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