Studio: Science SARU

Has a manga?: yes, a really old one

Genre: Action, Horror, Avante garde, Supernatural

Warnings: graphic gore and body horror, sexual themes, nudity

My rating: ??? I am not allowed to watch this

Devilman Crybaby

I watched this cuz I was young and wanted to feel edgy. The thing has 18+ scenes and gore... :( I didn't really finish it cuz everything got more graphic and dark so I just searched the ending on Youtube

Many people say it's really good and deep and stuff but I can't really have any say on it cuz I didn't finish it and I didn't get it anyway lol. I don't plan to rewatch it... Unless I suddenly remember it and want to rewatch it as an adult I guess

Although this anime *did* give me an obsession with religous themes like accurate angels and demons and Dante's Inferno whatever. Thanks for that