Studio: Tezuka Productions, MAPPA

Genre: Shounen, Action, Historical, Samurai

My rating: 5/10


Dororo is an anime that came out in 2019. I remember seeing really pretty fanart of it on Twitter and I was like "omg!! it's the really good, dark, philosophical, pretty anime!!!" so I went and binged it. The premise is really good, like, a blind, deaf, mute, toddler-like doll boy tryna get his body parts back??? Awesome! Also, the anime's OPs and EDs are really good too. I like the OP 1 and ED 2 (Yamiyo "Dark Night" sung by utaite E ve omg!!! o///o)

Sadly... it got bad halfway and towards the end. Story-wise and art-wise. I realized this when I was watching it but I was in complete denial, like "Dororo bad? No way! right?" then I reached the end then I was all like :L "I wasted all that time watching and it wasn't even that good..."

I think, my favorite characters are Tahomaru (but they wasted him) and Hyakkimaru cuz he's cute.