Author: Nishioka Kyoudai

Genre: Psych horror

Warnings: graphic gore, not-so-graphic underage and non-consensual intercourse, cults, swearing

My rating: 5/10

Kami no Kodomo
(Child of God)

I've seen this manga 2 times on my Neocities dashboard, which I thought "huh that's weird. It's that popular?" Even if 2 times isn't a lot, it seemed a lot to me because the time gap between me seeing them is small.

So yeah anyway I read it, cuz the art style is cool!! It's the weird, not-at-all-anime, mega surreal (that's it!) And you know~ I'm all for that weird crap and art styles that look like crap but gets called "amazing" and "unique" cuz it's just "mega stylized." It's cool, it's cool~

Um!! So about it... it was pretty disturbing! Like.. duh! Actually I didn't pay that much mind to the "Psych horror" label and warning tags.. I mean I do like psych horror! And when I saw the manga being listed as that I was like "ooooh interesting!" But I just didn't expect the manga to have ~that~ type of psych horror... I mean I guess it was kind of careless of me, but whatever... It's not the first time I've read something like this anyway... I just wasn't mentally prepared this time! I did read all of it in one sitting lol (the content warnings are on the left side!)

The art seems to be inspired by European medieval art(?) There are a lot of European influences; most obvious one is the use of religious symbols in the art and story. The manga is fairly short-- it has 11 chapters, and I think the ending is pretty satisfying. The ending also implies some sort of loop, which I think is kinda cool

But it does have a couple flaws I noticed lol. It's cliché!!! It has it all! Murder, body horror, cults, rape, and orgies... Like it's going through some sort of checklist of "shocking things"?! It even has the needle under fingernails trope!!! Like that's kind of an overused horror trope already in my opinion lol... I just feel like I've heard all of it before (probably a bad thing... I can explain!!!)

For a psych horror I was expecting more actual psychological horror and not just gore and s*x and constant religious references. I didn't really feel any emotion when reading it other than "wow that's gross I hope nobody walks in my room while I read this." I wouldn't really recommend reading unless you're feeling a bit spicy and you want to see stuff.