Author: Yana Toboso

Genre: Shounen, Supernatural, Action, Fantasy, Mystery

My rating: 10/10 I love it!

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)

Black Butler is the first manga that I completely finished reading (well, it isn't done yet, but I am up-to-date). It's really good! It's a shounen manga that takes place in Victorian England and it's all about mystery and supernaturals and stuff.

People are saying that Yana, the author, is dragging Black Butler which I can kinda see. Recent chapters are very short. It's cuz Yana is working on a game called Twisted Wonderland. It's still Japan-exclusive though.

I hope the ending won't be crap. (Did you know? The manga has been ongoing for about 15 years! It started in 2006)

Also, the manga is WAYYYYY better than the anime. The anime decided to create it's own story for some reason. The manga is better, end sentence.