Author: Tatsuya Endo

Genre: Action, Comedy, Espionage, Shounen

My rating: 9/10 It's awesome!

Spy X Family

Spy X Family is a pretty new manga! It was published in 2019 and it's still ongoing. I LOVE IT!!~~ SxF is an action and comedy, espionage (spy genre) type story that takes place in the 1950s Europe(?) during the Cold War!

So basically, this dude spy (his name is Twilight) needs to make a pretend family to spy on and assassinate the leader of the other country! Then, he adopts Anya as his daughter, who is secretly a mind-reader! Then... he finds a wife, Yor, who's secretly an assassin! Isn't it so cool?!! It's so funny and cute!!! Like, *super* cute! The first few chapters got me SOOOO hooked! Aghh!! I love re-reading it, it's so amazing~~

But like... it definitely has it's flaws! It's not perfect,,~ It has a few filler and clichés are rare but they do exist.. one is happening right now in the latest chapter, 53!

Also Spy x Family anime is announced to be released in 2022!!! Hope they do a good job!!!!