Month day, 2022

What your page looks like on your computer/laptop

What it looks like on your phone

(oh my god save them!!!)

Being a Neocities user, you probably have seen the warnings "not suitable for mobile!" and "best viewed on desktop!" on most of the sites you've visited. Personal websites on Neocities (or other web hosting services too, I guess) are usually not responsive. These are usually coded to look good on the webmasters' monitor. That's why we get notes that say "looks best on 1920x1080 resolution".

My homepage on my monitor (a TV)

My homepage on an iPad or tablet

My homepage on a phone

Please open the images in a new tab for a better look

A responsive page means that it will look good on all screen sizes. Making pages responsive isn't really the first thing one would learn in web development. One could say it's a little difficult since one would need to use media queries and have an organized code with good structure. But don't worry, because you can make your pages at least a little responsive using min(), max(), and clamp(). No media queries needed, and mobile users will thank you.