~ pinkworld ~

Heart's Minecraft Survival world
  • It's on Peaceful difficulty because hostile mobs' sounds give me so much anxiety
  • I can mute them but it would be dangerous because I can't hear them approaching (there is no sound subtitle feature on Bedrock)
  • Because I'm on Peaceful, I will use the /give command to give myself mob loot
  • I'm not planning to "finish the game" (beat Ender Dragon)
  • I just want some place where I can show my Minecraft screenshots...
  • bee sanctuary/farm
  • barn
  • another house (bigger this time)
  • observatory (big glass dome)
  • hospital
  • beach house (find a beach!!!)
  • base (hillside house)
  • love shrine
credit for box


Updated: 12/7/21 :3

~ My tiny hillside house ~

My first base where I sleep and keep all my junk! It's very small because the hill I built it in was too small. It has an underground floor that serves as my bedroom. I build a really tall pole on the hill so I can see it from afar and find where home is easily. I put a flag for decoration; it's pink and yellow like Fluttershy

A cute wooden cabin built into the side of a small hill. The ground is covered with flowers and grass and the house is surrounded by many oak and birch trees. There is a dog.

I got lucky and a beehive spawned on the tree I planted next to my house

A zoomed-out photo of the house. On top of the hill the house is built into is a tall flagpole. The flag has 3 horizontal stripes alternating between pink and yellow. On the right of the house is a tree with a beehive. A zoomed-in shot of the house. It has a cobblestone foundation and roof. It's walls are made of oak wood planks and the top row of the wall is made with glass. The corners of the house are build with dark oak planks. The house has a double door with a dark oak canopy, and on each side of the double door are flowers.

~ Inside ~

In front of the player are chests. On the right hand side are blast furnaces and a crafting table. On the left are regular furnaces and a 2 by 1 ladder hole that leads to the underground floor

On the left you can go down to the underground floor via ladders. Down there is my bedroom. It's quite empty

A room with two yellow beds a gainst the wall with flower pots on crafting tables on each side

~ Outside ~

What you'd see stepping out of the house. I built my house on a flowery forest/plains so there are a lot of flowers, yay~

The ground is cover in pink tulips, and there are a lot of trees. There are stone stairs at 11 o'clock and a wooden wall with signs on it at 1 o'clock.

~ Through the stone stairs ~

Looking up at the stone stairs. On each side are pretty trees

My farms are here

Two wheat plots on either side of the path, and further down the path is a pen containing many rainbow colored sheep. Behind the sheep pen is a building of the very famous "among us" character. The player is standing on the fence of the sheep pen, looking over the many multi-colored sheep. Behind the sheep pen is a building of the very famous "among us" character.

~ let's go back ~

This is the "To-do board" it's pretty self-explanatory

A fancy decorated birch plank wall framed with oak logs and a roof made of cobblestone. On the very top row is a sign that says "TO-DO BOARD" and below it are several more signs: "love shrine", "among us!", "another house", "flower/dye farm", "bone meal farm", "skidmark house"

"Skidmark" is a character from the racing snail show by the way

~ love shrine ~

There's more stairs that way

Northeast of the board are another set of stone stairs. East of the player are 2 stray honey blocks

This is where I'm building my love shrine. It's still a work in progress

An incomplete love shrine; four quadrants in a squared grid pattern and in its center is a pink heart statue. Only the bottom left quadrant is complete A heart-shaped statue made of pink wool on a cobblestone foundation with a tiny water moat. The statue is surrounded by peonies and lilacs.

I've only finished one corner so far

A forest themed quadrant. It has a leaf canopy and there are 4 small dark oak trees with signs and chests in front of them

The love shrine is where I make offerings to my favorite fictional characters

characters listed on the trees: Fluttershy 'HORSIE!!!', Mitsuba Sousuke 'real worldwide cutie!', K1-B0 'computer boy!', and Kaede Akamatsu 'bimbo rights!'

Updated: 12/8/21 ^_^

A minecraft dungeon with a wrecked floor and a skeleton spawner in the center

I found a dungeon in a cave right across my sheep farm and it wasn't even that deep! It was like 10 blocks from the cave's entrance. I took all the mossy cobblestone because I used them to decorate my love shrine

Which is right here, tada! It's stone themed this time

Two stone walls forming a corner. There are four chests with signs above them. The chests are separated by vines. There are leaves, vines, and moss on the stone, giving the quadrant a "ruins" look Above one of the chests is a sign that reads "Victor Frankenstein ~poor little meow meow... bully him", and to the right is a chest with a sign that reads "Skidmark ~woo goofy little fast snail~" Inside Victor Frankenstein's chest are rotten flesh, string, a single bread, and a honey bottle

I offered rotten flesh, bones, and string to Victor Frankenstein for him to play with, and also a bread and honey so he doesn't get hungry. (I forgot to put the bones in the offering chest but I put it in later)

On the right wall are two more chest, one for "L ~stinkyyy~" and Microphone ~my son.....~

Microphone is my OC!

Updated: 12/9/21 'w'

~ Exploring north ~

I went exploring north because I wanted to find a good beach with a coral reef in front of it. Up north is a huuuge desert like it's just all desert and some times some savannah! It was kind of boring. But I did find a coral reef or two! Like, it was really really big!

A coral reef A coral reef

I gave myself some night vision so I can see stuff clearer lol

Also I found geodes!!! Actually 3 geodes! underwater! Didn't know what to do with them so I just marked one with a dirt pole

A geode underwater

And when I was traveling on land in the desert I found 2 temples and a desert village! Cool~ But I didn't really care... Got nice mob loot though

A desert temple

And... I found an ocean monument! (It's hard to see in the picture, it's in the background next to the sand island in the middle) Also a treasure map (that I won't really use) That's cool!

On the foreground is a sunken ship and at the very back of the background is the silhouette of an ocean monument

Ehh.. did you know? I'm actually quite scared of the ocean! I think it's called thalassophobia... But at the same time I really like the ocean! Like, it's scary but also beautifully peaceful... But going underwater makes me so nervous!

I have another Minecraft world called "flower world" and I built a pretty beach house there. I lived by a very big beach and night time was soo beautiful in that world! I don't know, but the night sky viewed from a beach next to a huge ocean (in flower world) looks way more beautiful than the night sky viewed from a flower forest (in pinkworld) That's why I'm looking for a beach and at best, one with a coral reef! But ah.. The one I found is too far from my base and the beach shores are ugly

I will show the flower world beach house next time

~ love shrine offerings ~

Ah! I offered some gifts to the saints today

At the love shrine, forest themed corner; Chest labled "Kaede Akamatsu"

For Kaede, I provided her some wood, string, and iron so she could build a piano! Then I gave her some pretty pink wool then an assortment of flowers! And a "Cat" music disc! Eee I hope she likes it~

At the love shrine, forest themed corner; Chest labled "K1-B0"

I wasn't sure what to give to Kiber so I offered him sunflowers and bunch more little flowers. I think he'll like it~ Also I gave him some iron to eat lol

A chest labeled "Shuichi Saihara ~best beta <3 !!~". The corner it is in is still under construction!

I also planned to offer some to Shuichi as well but I forgot I didn't give him a spot in the love shrine yet, so I set up a temporary offering chest for him since both quadrants were full at the moment. Ahh, hope he doesn't mind~ I gifted him a leather helmet that I dyed dark blue because his head might be cold! Also the leather cap is enchanted with Efficiency 1 (I found it in a loot box) which is good for detectives because detectives need to be efficient thinkers I think! Also I gave him a book to read so he doesn't get bored :>

~ cows! ~

I also made a cow farm! And a sugar cane farm (you can see it on the left) Finding cows was hard for whatever reason and so I was like, "this sucks!" then suddenly two cows spawned in the pen I made for them! Wow! miracles are real~ (I used spawn eggs)

Two cows in a cow pen, looking at the player because the player is holding wheat

~ Plans ~

So I found this mega cool biome finder! I put in pinkworld's seed and wowzies! I know where to go next!

A map of my seed. There is a jungle biome with a beach Northeast from my base!

pink = What my starting map covers; black = the biome where my base is right now (flower forest); red = where I wanna build my beach house! It's next to a jungle biome and a cold sea biome

Ahh~ This is so gonna be so cool! I have plans to build more houses in the water, actually! Like stilt houses! Like those water houses in Pacifildog Town in Pokemon E! Oh but it's quite far from my base... :/ but I can teleport! soo... Still not sure cuz I don't really want to type commands all the time just to go there (Eureka moment! What about command blocks?! Just press a button to execute the teleport command! woohoo!!~~) I'm still unsure of all of this cuz I think I'm planning too far ahead. I still haven't finished my love shrine!

~ babble ~

You know I actually don't mind just using the /give command to just give me stuff I need! Oh then, why do I play in survival mode? I'm on peaceful difficulty and I use the /give command... just go on creative mode! Hmm... no!! It's different. It's way more satisfying to have built stuff with stuff I have gathered myself! I don't want to just go /give myself tons of cobblestone, wood, and other building blocks. If I can get it myself, then I'll get it myself! But if it's hard to get, for example, redstone, gold, or prismarine, then I'll use /give! (I have yet to find a deep cave lava in my world...) (I did find a mineshaft but!!! It's scary... and it doesn't seem to have any goodies, so I pass!)

Updated: 12/11/21 @.@

so many Lily of the Valley flowers... super many!

I made this! Now I'll never run out of Lily of the Valley flowers ever again!

Also the heavens blessed me with some cool new tools!:

rocky bonky money! rocky bonky money silk! choppy money yummy!

~ Emo dog house ~

My dog committed murder! Wow what a metal dog!

My dog killing a Wandering Trader and its llamas A picture of my dog sitting under a tree, looking at me

I dyed its collar black and dubbed it "Emo dog"

I then made a dog house for it! For some reason it doesn't want to go inside my house (probably because my house is too small) and I'm worried about it not getting proper shelter outside. Emo dog house is located just next to mine; it's built into the side of the same hill too

Emo dog sitting in the Emo dog house The Emo dog house is small and is built into the side of the hill. It has a dark oak plank floor and roof. The roof is supported by birch plank fences. There is no door. Inside the house are red and black carpets forming a checker pattern. There is a sign on the right that says "Emo dog house"

~ New horsie friend ~

I found and tamed a horse that spawned nearby. Yay!! I named it "Nene" because that's the sound horses make

A horse wearing gold horse armor. It's tied to a fence post, and on the fence post is a sign that says "Nene" There are 2 hay bales next to the fence post

~ Bees everywhere! ~

I learned from a video that holding a flower will make bees follow you?!?!

Three bees up really close to the player's face because the player is holding flowers

AMAZING! And you can feed them flowers??!!!

Bees making love in the sky! It's looks funny because they're kissing in an obscene position!

XDDDD LOL! Hahahahahaha that picture is funny!!!

A mama/papa bee and a baby bee sitting together on the ground

Baby bees!!! :DD They're so tiny!!! Omg look they're working!!!

A tiny baby bee polinating a flower

Actually, each hive only houses 3 bees! And so baby didn't have a place to go home to! Sooo I lured baby to my bedroom!!

Baby bee inside my room in my house Baby bee pollinating my rose bush in my room!

Kehe... I left my room while baby was distracted by my house plants!

And then I built a beehive for baby, because my room isn't the best place for baby bee! Baby lives in a beehive outside now!

A man-made beehive (the one that beekeepers use) It's made of wood

I want to create a bee farm so I planted a lot of trees so bee nests can spawn naturally. I got 3 nests and I moved them closer to my house using my new choppy money yummy! axe

This is how many beehives I have (I have 7)

The next pictures are just pictures of many bees. Enjoy~

Every morning in Minecraft I wake up and go outside and see bees everywhere!

I'm planning to create a special beehive farm somewhere, and it's going to be real pretty and I'll use honeycomb blocks and stuff!

Yay~ That's all I have for today!

Updated: 12/12/21 8P

Worked on my love shrine~ I wanted to create some sort of artsy random white concrete + rainbow wool and glass theme and I really like how it turned out~

Shuichi has a proper spot now yay!~

For the last corner of my love shrine, I want to make an ocean theme with coral blocks and stuff (that means I'll have to go out and collect coral blocks!!! That's scary...) But I'm not sure sure how it will look like yet. I have this idea where I'll make a glass dome thingy with the water inside but my space for the build is quite small so it might turn out ugly. Or I can dig out the area and build it under the ground? I dunno~~

That's all I have worth blogging about for today~

Updated: 12/14/21 >w>

~ Sheep murder mystery ~

I was working on my love shrine then when I turned around, all my sheep were gone!

Around the area, I found a wolf. I assumed he did it!

It's weird though... there weren't any sheep loot drops in the pen! And plus, how would a wolf get into the pen anyway?! It's fenced all around. I guessed that a wolf probably spawned inside the sheep pen. But then, the pen was empty! How did the wolf get out? Oh well... I killed the wolf in the photo anyway. Gee!

I had a lot of sheep in there, hmph! So to fix it, I went in creative mode and spawned a bunch of sheep to replace the ones I lost. yay!

~ Nene boyfriend ~

I found a boyfriend for Nene! It's a donkey! They can make a baby mule now, yay! (I have to build a barn for my animals...)

~ Love shrine is FINISHED!!! ~

I finished the final quadrant, woo!!! It's beach themed

Actually, I went into creative mode to build some of it. I went in creative to add coral and kelp and glow lichen, since I got too lazy to go out and get coral and kelp myself! Also it's kind of scary.. No matter! I built the tree and the sand stuff in survival though. Also I did /give me sea lantern.

It didn't really look like how I planned it to (I was planning for coral to be the main attractions) but that is ok~ I really like how it turned out!

I really like my custom palm tree (that I made in survival!)(It was hard cuz I can't fly) It may look a little wonky but I think it's pretty good~ Also I put some tall torches and rose bushes around the beach thing! And there's a swing on the tree too!!

View from the swing

Weee! hello!!!

~ Love shrine tour video ~

I uploaded a tour shrine on Youtube so people can enjoy it a bit better! I didn't have enough favorite characters in mind so most of the signs are empty :P also it's in 360p because I don't know!!!

I think my favorite corners are the rainbow and beach themed one~ I really like them!

Well.. what's next after my love shrine? Mm!! I need to expand! I will probably build a barn for my animals and a special bee sanctuary for my bees! Also maybe I want to build another house... But that's for later!

Also also, I want to build Ingolstadt aka Victor Frankenstein's college place! I won't build it in pinkworld though-- I'll build it in a new creative mode flat world! But I don't think I'll create the entire Ingolstadt, I'll just build certain settings, like the graveyard Victor always hung out at, and the room where he made the Creature, and his bedroom and the courtyard he slept in! Like, little segments only. I hope that makes sense lol