Destination: Heartspace!


~ Welcome, welcome! to my kingdom of red! ~

What is Heart 143? This is a site where I can express myself and dump out all my silly interests and thoughts! This was originally going to be some kind of one-page introduction site like a Carrd but then I thought, "why not go all out?" I mean, here I can be free! (and I'll no longer feel as ignored as I would if I were to ramble in Discord servers, cuz like, here no one can talk over me!)

I'm kind of a newbie, I think, with HTML/CSS/JS. I'm glad I kind of listened to my Comp Sci teacher! XD Web development is now a lil hobby fer me~~~

Enjoy exploring!

Also... thank you for like, 9.5k views! (10-5-21)

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<<< This is a picture of a girl from a MLBB. She is very fun to play and I love her. Her name is Ruby.