School started. That's why I'm so inactive...

Poppy's album 'Flux' was released on the 24th. Have you listened to it? I gave it a 6/10 on my first listen. Hmm...

Ehh.. .. I will be more careful from now on. Maybe

Also... Kagura's revamp got released. Her damage is terrible. Faramis is fun to play


I like red a lot now... I want to change my website again. Red suits the name 'Heart' a lot more.

but I really like my current design! I love the gradients I put... and it's still mega new!


I've also been comparing my layout to others'... I feel like mine is so "eh"? Like it looks like it's trying so hard to fit in... But it's not true!!! It's my own design! That I planned and coded myself!!! It's what makes my website MY website! I hope by writing this entry I've convinced my brain that I do not need to conform... Be original!

(Suddenly you can hear my thoughts)

NNnghh now that' s over... I rEAAAAALLY like red now.... especially when it's paired with black.... and the old english type font... oh but it's such a mature theme! I don't think it would suit my *entire* personality so maybe I shouldn't redesign my entiree website.. I'm cute and red isn't 'cute' at all, it's a 'beautiful' color! pink is a 'cute' color thouh..

I LOVE KEEIIEIIIBOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he's human at leats.. I want to kiss him I want a KIibO boyfriend

oh yeah I play among us with strangers... heheh ... it was fun.. I pay attention now I think

I met a bunch of cool people on DR Amino and they're my friends now I think!! We play Among Us together

Also this person!! THis person I know on Discord! They tried to impersonate me... I'M the only Heart in this universe... No one else! I'm the realest heart around!


I've been playing Papa's Mocharia non-stop for like 4 days now


Something bad is happening! I'm starting to do things for the sake of Amino! Instead of drawing because I haven't drawn in a while, I draw because I want to post it on DR Amino. Gee... That's unhealthy. I need to stop going on Amino! How do I stop going on Amino? ...I love the attention... and I love complimenting people's art and I love hearing people's opinions about Danganronpa. And for the past few days I've been really motivated to draw because of it.

I really just need to stop caring about my likes count. That's all.


Reddit for children

I sort of accidentally betrayed myself and went on other social medias, in this case Amino. If you are not aware of what is Amino, it's a phone-only social media platform where fans of like, anime, games, or whatever can express themselves and interact with other fans. I have heard someone describe Amino as "Reddit for children" and that was really funny and it is kinda true.

I decided to download Amino because I was really bored and, I guess, "burnt out" and I figured that Amino would have a lot of art events I can join to get myself out of art block. I know this because I've been on the platform before when I was young and not supposed to be on the Internet.

I joined the Danganronpa Amino and I was surprised as to how calm the place is. I honestly thought there would be debates everywhere like Twitter. I found it a great place to hear about other people's opinions on the franchise and to share my opinions too.

Quite recently (3 days ago actually) I gained a sudden burst of motivation to draw and that's all I did for the next ~18 hours. You can see the drawing here (NDRV3 Chapter 1 SPOILER!!! also there's pink blood on it too).

So naturally, I wanted to post my art that I worked so hard on to the DR(Danganronpa) Amino since it is a DR fan art after all. I don't know... I kind of like expected about a hundred likes within the first few hours upon posting it. I think I only got about 30 (edit: wait!! someone gave me virtual money!! I acknowledge them!!! I'm thankful, but... despite that I still fel under appreciated? No idea why!) That's the problem with social media. The likes count is really bothering me right now. I should have seen this coming. My friend tells me that I shouldn't value my art based on the likes and comments, and I know that, but I'm just so unmotivated and I feel so isolated these days. I don't know how to cope, but maybe drawing more even if my initial post didn't get much likes can help me. Also, writing this helped too.

I'm also pretty hungry right now so maybe that's another reason I'm feeling kinda terrible.

I also noticed... I really love navigation pages, don't I? Everything's in a folder. I want to make my website more "direct."

My Stardew Valley farmer (Stardewsona)