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Molang amigurumi

I was super super excited for my crochet supplies to arrive and when the first order finally came (only neutral colors) I decided that this Molang amigurumi should be my first project

I found it on Pinterest (not linked to anything sadly) and I thought it was cute ^.^ I love Molang~ and my yarn was bigger than that so I'll be in for a palm-sized Molang. It's also the first time I ever used a crochet pattern so it was a bit of a headache starting it but I got through. My stitches for this one were sooo so so tight (because I did hear that amigurumi stitches really are tight, and I did yarn unders instead of yarn overs). My fingers hurt a lot making it lol-- the molang took me like 2 days to make. I had no idea how to stitch in the arms, legs, tail, and ears though so I just did what I thought made sense. I put on the ears and tail on the front though-- so the slit is on the front teehee (you know I might have read the pattern wrong... like why was there a slit on the head?? I assumed it was for the ears but it didn't make sense to me why the slit was like lopsided and not on the top of the head. I also don't see how why I would even need a slit for the ears. I ended up stitching the slit closed.) The arms, legs, and tail are just plugged into the body, and is relying on the stuffing to keep it in place. You can tug it out if you wanted to and I would cry. And the stuffing that I used wasn't white, it was gray, so like you can very obviously see the abnormally larger holes. oh well, first time is never perfect.

Oh yeah the molang doesn't have a face yet, teehee~ I didn't want to give it a eyes with thread, I wanted to sew on some buttons (I don't have any yet) which I think are going to be so cute~ Then I'll sew its mouth and blush(?)


Then I made this small heart because I wanted to try out making stuff from patterns more. I actually made 2 but I lost the first one. The first one was really tight and I did a few stitches wrong (first is never perfect!) so I don't feel bad. I really like how the yarn colors look a bit symmetrical (unintentional)



After that I was like omg I'm gonna make a rose with my BTKS35 (the green/light blue/lilac yarn) because it's so pretty so I chose to make this one and it was a pain

(If you're trying to make it too, you'll see that there's a pinned comment there that's a written pattern for the video but in my opinion it was only 50% helpful) I don't think it's that pretty meh and the effort I put into it wasn't worth it so I looked for more patterns and found this on Pinterest

I was like hey that looks easy and it's pretty and simple. I've never tried pattern diagrams before though so it was new. I quickly understood it though (I think I understood). I liked making this flower a lot, I basically memorized it by now. But you see I was confused how to start the second row since I ended on the 2ch sp and not in the center tr, so I just cut my yarn and started again in the center tr. Then after my 4th flower, I realized that I can just sl st to move across the stitches and that I didn't need to cut my yarn. There wasn't a sl st symbol on the pattern so how could I have known!!!


Then Pinterest started showing me butterflies and I was like WOWWW!!!!! I love butterflies... I made this one because I thought it was beautiful. I made it with my favorite yarns (BSKT 35 and 50) and a big one with my orange/brown yarn which I think looks like moth colors

I practically memorized the pattern already and I'm even determined to write a written pattern and draw a pattern diagram for it myself, but I get a little confused with the counting so it's not done yet and I'm not posting it yet. (I'd really like to make my own patterns~)

Butterfly bookmark

This is my most recent one. So like I wanted to try out the pretty neon rainbow milk cotton yarn I got so I could see what the colors are like, and since it's a pretty yarn it deserves to be a pretty thing! Like a butterfly!! I got a bit tired of making the previous butterfly so I decided to make this other one

It's so cute and pretty and easy to make!!! But this one is a bit of a flunk! The butterfly went well but I had no instructions in how to make the long body and tassle thing so I just improvised. I was able to attach the body chain think to the butterfly but! I put it on on the wrong side!!! You probably can't see it if you don't do crochet but the front of the butterfly is on the wrong side. ahhh, oh well--- also the yarn was too thick to even be a good bookmark so... still I will try to use this (when it turns reading season for me)

I want to make an amigurumi next time, and it will be this little fella from the book I have

I don't have the colors though so I'll just use the same yarn I used in the butterfly bookmark one.

Molang + blog update NEW

HEY it's about time I update this blog. It's been 2 months I think, and I assure you I've done a lot of crochet, but I never updated this blog because oh my god I dislike taking pictures, so I'm deciding that I don't care and I'll just the really crappy photos I took when I wanted to give my friends a sneak peek. It will be funny too, I think.

So I sewn on eyes on Molang, like a week after the last update (May 13 lol), and the finished product is cute but upon further inspection it's terrible! on a side note, I had no idea how to thread the yarn through the eyes, bacause my yarn needles were too thick to go through the button holes. I think I used a 1.25mm hook to grab the yarn through the button holes, which of course got them frayed. But after the soul sucking mission of threading the buttons, I finally sew them on, POORLY! of course. You can pull them out and they'd come off cleanly with a satisfying "fwip" then I'd punch you (lightly). Silly me didn't even think of tying the ends in a knot

but whatever, this is my first amigurumi so yeah it sucks. I didn't do amigurumi for a long time after that...

kill it

Hearts and butterflies bag new

This bag is my first crochet project I had ever had in mind, and I still haven't finished it until now. One reason why: I think I got too ambitious for my ~first~ big crochet project. This bag is so me– it's designed in reverence of me. Red and black color scheme, hearts and butterflies motif, (planned to have) cute ribbons and beads and sparkly things, and I'm still thinking of a way to incorporate roses into the design. I've seen a lot of crochet tote bags out there, and they're all boring and plain! Mine will be the best crochet bag ever; it will be super personalized and bedazzled and whatever; it's the perfect bag, the me bag, the Heart bag. It HAS to be perfect, so I've been procrastinating on it– no no I'm not "procrastinating"– I'm stalling because I'm still trying to gain enough crochet experience and knowledge so that I can make sure that this bag will be the absolute best bag ever, as it is supposed to be.

My progress on the bag: I have crochet 20 out of 27 of the granny squares that I need. I had to unravel and redo the 6 butterfly squares since the border I gave them made them bigger than my heart granny squares. It did not look pretty when sewn together. Then I made a few more butterfly and heart squares, since I changed the idea from a 3x2 bag to a 9x9 bag (it wasn't going to be a tote bag in the first place). The reason for the change is that I finally humbled down and agreed to use a pattern instead of figuring it out myself.

Now for the pictures

Patterns used: hearts granny square, butterfly granny square, tote bag pattern

Abandoned pencil case that's now just a mat for my desk new

So while I was facing the consequences of not doing research prior to making my heart bag, I decided to take a break and start a new project. I was getting bored anyway and I didn't want to get a burn out! I wanted to do something else. I've already did amigurumi and granny squares and now time to make something with those fancy "tunisian bobble cross scallop shell blanket fart" stitches. But what will I make out of it? I look at the plethora of pens and pencils scattered around my desk and had the ultimate light bulb moment: a pencil case! but not just any normal, boring, pouch pencil case– You should know by know that I want everything I make or own to be unique and the best ever thingy and stuff whatever– I'm going to make a roll-up pencil case!!

I found the perfect stitch, and used a really nice color scheme (pink, blue, yellow), then I bordered it with purple. It was looking so awesome, and it would be even more awesome after I put the edging using my favorite pastel rainbow yarn. I had a bit trouble with the edging because math and underpreparedness but it turned fine in the end, and I still loved how it looked.

It is how I describe it to you: absolutely awesome and soft and actually, very thick. I wasn't so sure how to turn this into a functional roll-up pencil case. And it's huge rolled up! It's going to be even huger with the pencils in it. I've had these doubts, but I wasn't done with it yet. I still had part 2 in mind: the inner pouch. The inner pouch, I admit, was too much. It was going to be made primarily with V-stitches with scalloped edging along the sides. Not just the border, but the sides, as in in between rows there will be scalloped edging. I used a nice neutral beige color to make it, and gave it 3 stripes for some pop: a pink, a blue, and a yellow. The scalloped edging between the rows (I still don't know what this type of embellishment is called) is beautiful and gave it a beachy look, which I liked. But unfortunately it added a couple extra layers of thickness, and by then I couldn't even wrap my whole hand around its circumference. I don't think I would want to keep a huge roll-up pencil like that just to hold like 10 pens. And that's not even counting my huuuge eraser that will add to the thickness even more

I rejected the inner pouch I made and never completed the pencil case. What a shame!! The colorful mat looking thing looked great and I didn't want to throw it out (who would). I just decided to keep it on my desk as a place mat...

One day you will have use, mat...

I think I took a little break from crocheting here because I got busy with other stuff

Patterns used: "mini check plaid stitch"

Armadillos new

So it's been a while since I've done crochet, and felt like making amigurumi. That molang thing was terrible and I'm not going to let it be my only amigurumi project, making my amigurumi project quality rate a 0.00%. Besides how am I going to get good at amigurumi if I don't make any? And so I was searching, searching for the perfect pattern on Pinterest. Something not too complicated and not too simple for me to make, and preferably an animal. Then I found this pattern!!!!! Roll-up armadillo!!! I saw it and I was like OMG that is so cute you can roll it up and you can make it colorful and stuff and it's a free pattern!!!! Toy makers are just amazing; it's maybe like one of my favorite occupations ever. It was simple and cute, has a cool feature yet not complicated to make, and it consists of a couple parts which gave me a little challenge. I loved this pattern a lot that I've made 3 of them

Here is the first one. It's a bit bad and the parts are falling off (or have already fallen off now)

I attached a little button and latch so that it can stay closed (the button broke off later)

The shell is oversized because I wanted it to close completely but because of that it can't stand on fours properly. It looks cutest on its back and peeking out of its shell anyway so it's fine. I liked throwing it up in the air like a ball

Then I made another one, and it's based off of someone in particular

I didn't have sewing pins so I used regular sewing needles to mark and hold stuff down

This one is really cute and tight (because I used a smaller hook) and it's very well made. I did a good job sewing this one. You can't pull off its limbs anymore!!! It can't roll up completely though. I didn't make the shell oversized because I wanted it to be able to stand comfortably on all fours.

Then I made a third one. It's also based on something. No it's not Bowser inspired

I was having really fun with these. I made this one with a bigger hook for a bigger armadillo. I also made a little ribbon for it to wear

I also did some fancy stuff on the shell: gave it polka dots and a crab stitch border. I like it it's nice, and I like how customizable the pattern is

Cow dollies new

A few days go by and I think I've made other stuff before this but I must have forgot, or they're projects of too little importance since I don't have any pictures on my phone before these ones

So after making armadillos, I felt I was ready. I did a good job on those last 2 armadillos. I learned how to sew on parts together and I learned how to control my tension better. I decided that I wanted to make the cow dolly that I saw on Youtube. It's a free pattern and the cow looks decent looking so I was like ehh why not? Written pattern:

The color choices I made for this cow are absolutely horrendous. The pink patches look gross!!! Other than that there's nothing else that noteworthy. My fingers weren't immediately absolutely annihilated by the tightness this time (they were able to endure much longer) which is a good thing. I thought it was ugly so I quickly moved on to make another cow

I planned to make this cow right as I started making the first one. The first one was just a test run of my skill and the pattern. This cow is my favorite amigurumi piece ever.

It's so cute and wonderful. I designed this cow. It's based off of the Minecraft moobloom. I also altered the pattern a little for this piece. I am very proud of this cow dolly; I love the color nuance the variegated yellow yarn gave it, it looks much more interesting than a plain solid color. I also love the grays. The best part of course are the flower patches. I wrote the pattern for the flowers myself and they look great, of which I am especially proud of. Unfortunately it still isn't perfect, and it has a major flaw in the sewing of the patches and snout. I worked only in the back loops of stitches, which makes the sewing visible from certain angles. The flowers (especially the big one at the front) aren't sewn on that well. But whatever, I still like it and I'm not going to sell it or anything. No one cares about its imperfections. I only bothered sharing them because I need to curate my online identity to be perfectly imperfect, as it is the best way to reach the hearts of the oblivious people reading this. Joking! lololoooo

Its name is Burger