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I like dolls a lot. I don't have many dolls in real life though; I don't need to own them (I'd like to own some actually but I can't... they cost money and space). To me, dolls are not "things", they are concepts. Here I try to write down what makes a thing classify as a doll:

1) They resemble a living thing. They can be human or animal/insect shaped. I usually don't see amorphous-shaped thingies as dolls. If it has something like a face, or a torso with limbs, then it's a doll.

2) In a way, they are breakable or can be disassembled. The appendages (such as limbs, head, or wings) of a doll can be unattached and re-attached.

3) They are artificial. Dolls are usually made with materials such as cloth, clay, ceramic, porcelain, plaster, etc.. They are sentient through imagination or programming (robots)

(I'm sorry if these criteria aren't very narrowed down!!;; And sorry for any weird English!!)

Types of dollies


hearts mean they're one of my favorites

Rag doll

A human-shaped doll made of cloth. It's pretty basic! They usually have cartoony proportions and appearances since they're made for children


They are also called stuffed toys. These are usually animal-shaped. They are meant to be cuddled :3

Ball-jointed dolls

Dolls with articulation. They have joints that let them move and pose. They are usually made of plastic or plaster. They have more realistic proportions compared to rag dolls and plushies.

Marionettes or Puppets

Dolls that are meant to be controlled by a puppeteer. They're made to perform. These dolls are usually very articulated so that their puppeteers can make them do all sorts of movements.

Porcelain dolls

Dolls made of porcelain. They are usually human-shaped, and may have minimal articulation. These dolls are known to be fragile, and are meant for displaying and not playing with.


Big, human-shaped, life-sized dollies that don't have much detail to them. Their main purpose is to display clothing. They usually don't have complete parts. A mannequin may consist of only a torso or a pair of legs! They are usually not very articulated, with movable and detachable joints only at the shoulders, hips, and head. Sometimes they are already posed when they are created, and don't have any articulation so they're stuck in that pose forever!

Zombies and Frankensteins

They're killer cool! Zombies and Frankensteins are decaying undead creatures that are once again alive and kicking. Their limbs and guts can be teared off if you tug on them hard enough, cuz their tissue is weak and rotting. You would need to use sewing equipment to re-attach or attach new appendages to a zombie. They'd be Frankensteins by then!

Zombies vs Frankensteins Zombies are undead creatures that don't have any foreign body parts. Frankensteins are undead creatures that has body parts from different sources. Frankensteins are man-made or has had outside intervention done to their bodies

Animegao (kigurumi)

Animegao is a type of cosplay where cosplayers do their best to imitate the appearance of anime characters. They wear big plastic masks with very anime-ish facial structures and big eyes, and wear skin-colored bodysuits or skinsuits to imitate the smooth and flawless skin of anime characters. Animegao is like furry fursuits but with humans instead of animals. Cosplayers that do animegao are also called "dollers". They aren't really dolls because they have humans inside them but animegao is the closest a human can be to becoming a dolly themself. :3

Paper dolls

These dolls are super simple. It's just a cut-out drawing of something on paper. They're the easiest to make! Most of these dolls are flat. I have a few of them and I want to make more

Training dummy

These dolls are meant to be hit and damaged for training purposes. They're usually made of very cheap material like sacks, straw, or cloth scraps. They can be made of wood sometimes. They don't have faces or proper limbs

Crash test dummy

These dollies are made for testing crashes. They're made to simulate the human injuries that result from crashes. Crash test dummies' most defining feature is the black and yellow circle. The circle is used as markers so that researchers can measure the dummy's movement due to the crash.


These barely passed as dolls, but they're still on here because they're pretty cute and cool. They're basically mini statues. Most of them aren't very movable. They are fixed on a base/platform/stand. They're not meant to be played with; only for decoration

Toy robots

These are robots that are meant to be toys for children. They are commonly animal-shaped and are made of plastic. Examples of this are Zhuzhu pets, Furbies, Little Live toys... (My OC Mic is a toy robot)


Androids are robots that are meant to realistically resemble and act as humans (as if they were never really robots in the first place). They are machines with digital computers in them and possess an AI or Artificial Intelligence (Sorry I don't know how to word this in a proper way xD) They often look uncanny but they're cool.


Droids are robots that are similar to Androids (in the sense that they have digital computers and AIs in them) but are not meant to realistically resemble and act as humans (they may look like humans but that's not their main purpose). They may look cartoon-ier than Androids. (I put this under Androids because most Droids are amorphous-shaped; I only consider Droids with familiarly human/animal traits (torso, head, limbs..) as dolls)


These are robots that are made to imitate humans. They can be considered as sculptures, and are created for recreational purposes only. Automatons are analog machines and don't use digital computers to operate.


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