My dollies

These are dollies that I own in real life. I don't really care about owning dolls now; I'm fine with just my imagination (though I would like to own a few dolls). It's cuz I can't afford collecting things... besides I have a lot of material things already, most of with I don't even have much use for (for now, at least, which is what my mind keeps telling me!)


2 plushies, 4 paper dolls

I took these pictures! You MAY NOT use them!!!


This is my pig plushie! It's my oldest one that I still have. It's so cuuuute!!! I love pinching its chubby cheeks~

My OC Pao is based on this piggy plushie!


The newest member of my dolly family! It's so cute and smells so good xD

Paper babies

Baby brother and baby sister

These are the first paper dollies I created!!! They're small, 1 and a half thumbs tall! They're sentient!!!! They can stand!!!

Big brother

This... it's evil!!! I wanted to make the paper babies a big brother to play with! I wanted to make him look silly but I think I accidentally gave the devil a vessel... I put him in a half empty glass of rice which made things worse I think. I needed to pin him down with 2 objects just to take this picture

Kai pin-up doll

Ah! This legendary... Kai pin-up doll!!! It looks so funny... It's meant to look funny! It's supposed to act as my study buddy but it didn't really work... I really like it but I'm also kind of!! embarrassed of having created it! I hide it from the rest of my family