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Killing Harmony

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Warning: SPOILERS!!! for like, the entire game?!?! I think

"Let's go!!"

Prior to watching CinnamonToastKen's playthrough, I thought Danganronpa was like:

  • Basically the "Killing game" is a game show where people watch student participants kill eachother and die like it's a happy casual entertainment showbiz thing! Not a sad "we are trapped here :(" thing! I really thought the students willingly joined the Killing game

    Why did I think this? Cuz I read somewhere, "something something the Audience something", and I saw the audition tapes. Yes, yes, I got spoiled! I think, kinda! I didn't know those spoilers were spoilers, mk?
  • I thought every student had their own special execution! I don't know, the boring deaths of the victims kind of didn't connect in my mind that not all of them died a special way (a lot of things didn't connect in my mind). So I saw Kaede's execution and I was like, "wow!!! So cool!!! So cool piano music stuffs, where's Shuichi's??? Um, Youtube? Hmph, I guess no one's recorded it yet" (I didn't consider the nonexistence of a Shuichi execution)
  • I spoiled myself a lot, but mostly with the students' deaths. I didn't really mind all the other spoiler information and they didn't register as spoilers, cuz like, if I don't understand it then would I be considered "spoiled"? That's why when I want to sneakily spoil someone, I don't tell them it's a spoiler!
  • At the start of the game, the game lets you choose which character you want to play as, either a boy or a girl, like the "are you a boy or a girl?" from Pokemon! Picking the girl option will let you play as Kaede and the boy option will let you play as Shuichi! The story would basically be the same though, that is, both Kaede and Shuichi survived! lol
  • I also thought that I *won't* get attached to the characters! And that Danganronpa has great writing or whatever

Chapter 1

At the start, I was wondering, this intro is rather long, when is the game going to ask "are you a boy or a girl" option? Oh wait you can't choose? Oh well lol (Brain: Wait! then what's with those clips I saw where it's told through Shuichi's POV?? Me: Eh? I dunno, I think she does die, but she's a protag so something happens and she should resurrect or something right? I saw Makoto die in an execution but he's one of the survivors, soooo-- just watch the game)

So, you all know that I chose to start with V3 because of Kaede, the pretty pink blonde girl protagonist!

Well... turns out!!! I love Kaede!!! I relate to her so much! I also really got invested in Kaede and Shuichi's relationship! I think they're cute together, as in, their aesthetics totally match! (Pink & white + Dark teal & black!) Also extrovert, bimbo girl + shy, smart emo boy!!! IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!

Then, Rantaro died. I thought he was pretty cool! He was a mystery and I wanted to know more about him! But he died... just like that... :( But I was like oh well whatever, there's more to look forward to! Trial time, wooo!!!!

And it looked so cool, yeah?!?! I really love the stained glass designs of the Trial grounds of V3! also it looked so techy and I dig that

So there I was, enjoying the mystery aspect of the game! Sometimes K1-B0 gets to talk! He's cute but he's kinda a loser! Also, I like Miu! She does make dirty jokes but it's ok I can forgive that, because I think her talent and design is so cool! And she helped Kaede and Shuichi, so they should be friends!!! Then Kokichi! I've heard a lot about him! He's the rival that makes trials difficult cuz he's some weird meanie! I think he's annoying.... But he's kinda cute BUT annoying when he's mean! but funny too sometimes. He has a good voice actor

During the trial, I really thought it was Shuichi! Like when he was being so quiet? Oh but... Kaede proved that point wrong!... So then Shuichi finally speaks! ah ah... then... ah! KAEDE?!?!?! What? What are you talking about?!?!! *game makes player accuse someone* wait... *Ken is forced to choose Kaede* wait!! She dies THIS early in the game???? I mean, I was expecting like, maybe she dies at a later chapter, that's why she has an execution. But no... I guess. So when Kaede was being accused as the culprit I was wishing, telling myself that the execution thing I saw was just a fake body! she's going to revive!!

And um.. wait, she was joking? Kaede??!!! That's so weird um.. oh so this is just for Shuichi's character development I guess...

*Kaede get executed* um... ok... I mean I should've seen this coming I think... I did see a lot of Danganronpa memes about "when all your favorite characters are dead! T_T" nnghh... I thought, "it should get better, right? cuz Danganronpa has really good writing, right? that's what I've been told..." (After Kaede, I was targeting Kokichi to be my next favorite character! cuz he seemed interesting!)

Ok... so... Shuichi is the protagonist now? Ugh, so now Shuichi has this "I promised!!!" motivation or whatever... Cliche :/ but It can't get worse... goodbye Kaede :(

Oh.. He got punched! LOL! blehh go mourn Kaede or whatever smh I can't wait for the next death


Eh... oh? Oh?!?! Wait no, STOP!

Shuichi: *cliche-ly takes off hat* me changes now


OMG *dies of cringe*

...Noooooo...... wahhhh!! he lost his hat.... now he's hella plain! Dude! Look at Shuichi's outfit! Does that scream "Ultimate Detective" to you? Ugh... That's sick... (negative connotation of sick)


To be continued

I will talk more about the story when I get back into Danganronpa. Right now I'm taking a break from it and I don't really want to think (even if I'm working on my DR shrine lol)
I'll write more about Kaede and Shuichi and the other characters in their own character mini-shrines

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