HEY!! This shrine is abandoned since like, last year!!! But like this page is so pretty and I worked hard on it. I want people to still be able to see. Heart, May 31, 2022

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..to my private domain. Well, if anyone is reading this at all. If you are then yay! (^_^;;)

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This site is still a major work in progress so sorry in advance if you found it boring heh..

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- Shuichi Saihara




~ Heart talks sections! ~

hey!! lookie!!

So~ how was it? Did you like my acting?? :D

I did my best to do a Shuichi Saihara impersonation there! I totally nailed the cute shy, insecure tone there, right??

Mm?? Who's me? It's me, Heart! I'm not role-playing as Saihara now lol

Welcome to Heart's Shuichi Saihara e-shrine!

ehh?! Why does it look so good?! ah well~~ thank you!~ ^_^

"No, why does it look like you put effort into his shrine if you didn't like this guy that much? Why did you put so much effort into it, hmm? hmm??"

Ah!? Well... um, mind your business!

Well.. I think it would be fun if I made my character shrines like, website layouts that that character's would use! Like, if Shuichi were to have some kind of personal blog, I think it would look like this! Minimalist, modern, tiny text, and serif font...

And designing this page was fun anyway!! and I want my pages to look good too!!! It was a good exercise~

This sub site is still a huge WIP! I wanted to finish it before uploading it to my Neocities, but since school break just finished, I figured that it'll be hard to focus cuz I'm so excited about showing everyone this shrine! So here it is now~

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So like, this is basically a pretend Shuichi's personal website, yeah?? I'm going to pretend to be Shuichi when I write/talk on this sub site, but I also want to talk as Heart! So here's some more navigation links for page sections where Heart talks about Shuichi like normal! No role-playing!

I'm still thinking about how will I RP as Saihara chan~


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