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Shuichi Saihara

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Shuichi is just your regular ol' anime boy with dark hair trope! But unlike other dark hair anime boy tropes, Shuichi comes with a couple unique features! He has long eyelashes. It looks like he's wearing eyeliner, and you can see it's poking out from the bottom of his eyes too which gives him this 'emo' look he's often associated with by the fandom! Also, he has really pretty eyes in general! What a nice shape.. Nice color too~ Along with the eyes, Shuichi is slim skinny and pale as hell, like a vampire (ew)! It enhances the 'emo' way more! I think his emo-ness a wonderful trait~

He also wears a nice baseball cap with white stripes and a star! I like his hat :) It looks so snug and comfy on Shuichi's head. Shuichi wears that hat in a way that his eye gets covered by the hat cuz he's a lil shy! He don't want to make eye contact... or maybe he's a perv and he's hiding his peeping eye I'M KIDDING!! Don't call him a perv, that's kind of mean

Shuichi's eyelashes and his hat are the main selling points of his character! Mmm... Outfit-wise he isn't that great. Shuichi is the Ultimate Detective! But he only wears a plain old boring, striped gakuran (Japanese schoolboy uniform) which sucks! Like, they made Kirigiri and she's beautiful! So why is Shuichi so damn boring!? Glad he has a cool hat to spice things up!

Ah wait... That's right, they made him get rid of his cool hat! Why!!?!?... I guess... in exchange for that, it's revealed that he has an ahoge!!! (little sentient strand of hair that stands erect on the owner's head) His hairstyle looks greasy! But it's ok because it's emo (the I-don't-shower look) and it's easy to draw

Shuichi without his hat

Shuichi: wahh no!! my hat where my hat go?!! (Me: you took it off dum dum cringe)
Ahoge: *wobbles anxiously*

Backstory + Personality