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What I think about certain ships that include Saihara :P

Notes and Disclaimers:

Saimatsu (Shuichi x Kaede)

Saimatsu is the hetero (girl x boy), mandatory protag x support ship of V3, and it is heavily hinted to be canon (maybe it IS canon? but I don't like declaring ships as canon, unless they explicitly kissed or something. Holding hands? That doesn't count, and I believe the Love Suites are canonically not canon).

Honestly, I think it's really cute~ I think both Kaede and Shuichi look good, and they complement each others' aesthetics. Kaede's colors are pink and white while Shuichi's are black and dark teal. Their characters also complement each other. Kaede is cheerful and outgoing while Shuichi is unconfident and shy. Yeah~~~ it's kinda cliché but I like it a lot~

I think it's a great ship!... Wait I can't really have a say on that, cuz Kaede died!!! >:( Because she died, we didn't get any development! Development of Kaede and Shuichi and Kaede herself! Grrrr... So since Kaede died for Shuichi's character development (UGH!), there are a lot of times when Shuichi is all like "I need to keep my promise!!! For KAEDE!!!1!!!!!!" and I don't think it's cute, it's more like hella ANNOYING!!! Ugh... rest in peace Kaede and Shuichi's hat...

(I mean... I guess Shuichi and Kaede's relationship was already pretty developed before Kaede died... But I really do wish that Kaede survived!)

Rating: 7/10. The canon sucks! I ship it though

Saiouma (Shuichi x Kokichi)

Ah~ The esteemed protag x rival ship. It's a really popular MLM (boy x boy) ship. Also a pretty controversial one, as far as I know, I think.. This ship is quite hinted to be canon, since Kokichi is calls Shuichi sweet names and is nice to him sometimes.

Let's assess their aesthetics cuz it's one of the first things I look at when I decide I want to ship something! So the key contrasting motifs of Shuichi and Kokichi are their colors. Shuichi's main color is black while Kokichi's is white. Their rivals and stuff, so that's cool. Their secondary pallettes, Shuichi-dark blue and Kokichi-dark violet are anologous colors. In my opinion it doesn't look so good, but we can ignore that. We can also make their colors light so it's just teal and purple, and together they can make a James P. Sullivan pallette!

Ok now onto their character (let's hope the Shuichi and Kokichi relationship section in the Danganronpa wiki wasn't influenced by any ship biases!) Shuichi is generally confused by Kokichi (cuz Kokichi's so damn confusing!) He sees Kokichi as some sort of mystery. I think, he saw him as some kind of weirdo! Like, who lies, then tells it's a lie, while giving a tone that it's not or something? Of course Shuichi didn't trust Kokichi, but he said he doesn't think Kokichi is a bad person. Shuichi doesn't really focus on Kokichi, cuz Kaito and Maki are his friends.

On the other side, Kokichi trusts Shuichi a lot, I think! He finds Shuichi interesting and fun. Kokichi likes to make fun of Shuichi by pulling pranks and teasing him by saying pretty gay stuff! But, he's always known for lying, so Shuichi thinks he's lying and just thinks he's weird. But to Kokichi, that's ideal, since he believes it's bad to be emotionally vulnerable, I think (Really, Kokichi? Is it really ideal?) (No it isn't, Kokichi f'ed up like he always does) At some point, Shuichi accused Kokichi of something bad, which made Kokichi go defense mode and lose it. After something something, Shuichi told Kokichi that he'll be forever alone (I heard this isn't what he said in the JP version, but I'm going to base what I say here on the Eng version) and this really hurt Kokichi and so he started being bad and rebellious. (I think I will talk about this more in Kokichi's shrine in the future, maybe)

Basically, Kokichi doesn't know how to express himself like a normal person! He wanted to be, I guess, "partners" with Shuichi but he's mentally ill or something and one day he snapped and so Shuichi didn't really get the point and continued to avoid him and hangout with others instead.

I can see why it's popular (I mean, it's BL, so duh) but I think it's really one-sided. Rating: 5/10. I don't ship it cuz Kokichi is a loser and Shuichi has other friends. Make them friends in an AU

Saimaki (Shuichi x Maki)

Saimaki is a rare-pair between Shuichi and Maki, who are both survivors! omg! This is my main Shuichi ship

The aesthetic: the classic blue and red pair! They both have the color black in their pallettes so that's another reason you can match them. I think both Shuichi and Maki look good~ Also, Ultimate Detective x Ultimate Assassin! That's so mega cool!~

The characters: Look, I didn't really look into their dynamic when I started shipping Saimaki, cuz I didn't care about that! Shuichi and Maki are both happily married in my mind world where the killing game did not exist! But let's talk about canon Saimaki in the Danganronpa universe cuz I need to type stuff, I think.

(Heart is struggling to explain why Saimaki is great which is totally fine [not sarcasm]) *looks at #saimaki Tumblr posts for help* Yeah no I've got nothing LOL I mean Shuichi and Maki were both reliant on Kaito; they're like the "little spoons" and Kaito is the "big spoon" in their relationship. So now Kaito is dead (post-game), Saimaki is basically them learning how to love and not just be loved, which... actually sounds sweet! But difficult.. They'd probably get into fights and there'd be lots of angst and stuff, and angst is not really my thing so I just exported the character shells of Maki and Shuichi and imported them into my own storyline and gave them new character traits. (lol we just ignore Himiko)

Rating: null. I ship it but my "version" of Saimaki is unique to me (I don't want to explain my version cuz it's too difficult xP and weird). I mainly ship it cuz they are both very pretty, and in terms of aesthetic they get 9/10.

Other rare-pairs

Lightning round!

Kaito (Saimota) - I like it! I think it's sweet. Funny "bro ily but no homo *makes out*"

Angie (Sainaga) - Ok

Miu (Sairuma) - They both look good but I think they should be just friends. (Gaslight gatekeep girlboss + Manipulate mansplain malewife! [wait that's for Kokichi--])

Tsumugi (Saimugi) - the plain pair! I like this ship because I like Mastermind Shuichi AU and the headcanon that Shuichi is a Danganronpa nerd. Nerd love <3

K1-B0 (Saiibo) - No. Platonic only. Pre-game Saiibo? Maybe

Rantaro (Saimami) - Platonic only

Korekiyo (Shinsai? Saiguji?) - ...possible...