welcome to heartspace!!!

This website was created within 2 days in a huge burst of motivation and inspiration!

This is a fun way for me to stash my thoughts and opinions (though excluding personal information). I recently discovered Neocities and everyone's website is so cool! I hope that this website will help me feel happier in a way. <3

I'm a total amateur at coding, as you could see! Right now I'm trying to figure out how to put a little imood thing on my profile. Maybe tell me how in my guestbook? Or leave a little message for me to come back to? prithee please..? *puppy dog eyes* ;333

whoa this text is really down here huh
how do i fix this mess


This site is under construction!

Update log

  • 7-6-21
    • Website published to Neocites!
    • Currently incomplete: Links, Back/Next buttons
    • Check: New journal entry

this box is supposed to be filled with those tiny squares that lead to other Neocity websites :P