• 7-29-21
    • Updated Art category (Pixel art)

  • 7-20-21
    • big changes. take time to look around
    • still 10% imcomplete though lol

  • 7-12-21
    • Home Relayout + Home page is now mobile friendly (i think...)

  • 7-10-21

  • 7-8-21
    • Big changes: relayout + better div sizes

  • 7-6-21
    • Website published to Neocites!

My Neocities Profile

Welcome to heartspace!

heart143 is a personal website where I can stash my thoughts and ramblings about whatever whenever and how-ever. This website was originally planned to be just a one-page introductory thing like Carrd but on steroids, but I quickly realized that coding is really fun! I also wholeheartedly support Kyle's goal to make the Internet a melting pot of self-expression again. These modern social medias are just no fun! :V

I'm a total amateur at web development as you could see :P I'm learning as I go, with online tutorials and my 9th grade Computer Science stock knowledge as my crutch.

Enjoy your visit! <3


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