Destination: Heartspace!


~ Welcome, welcome! to my kingdom of red! ~

HELLO PEOPLE!!! You've found my ramblings dump! Here you can find me talking about stuff that I love and stuff that I hate via the beautiful art medium of Internet pages hosted on!!!

Every page on this site was coded with my own two hands and my heart and my brain! You can totally steal ideas and I'll allow you to be inspired by my oh so wonderful layouts... But if you want to make something inspired by my layouts then please change them at least 50%! I don't want any copycats, mrow..

Oh oh.. And to assure you that I, Heart, is a certified true Neocities user, I'm telling you now that I dislike modern social medias!!! *standing ovation* Yeah that's right... that's right... I dislike Twitter!!! Virgin Carrd vs Chad Neocities!!! *crowd goes wild*

*chanting starts* join us... join us... swirling hypnotic gif... ah.. I mean,

enjoy exploring!

Also!! By the time I write this (Dec. 12, 2021) I have 25.6k views and 73 followers??? damn... that's like, a lot! Ah! Uh um... th-thank y-you..~ *shyly blushes and looks away shyly and also runs away!!!* >////<

~ *kawaiily smashes your forehead* you're blessed now,
remember to thank me >w< ~

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  • Site is graphics heavy!

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