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Name Cyberpink
Species Cloudy Bear
Age ageless, mentally 14-17
Gender & Pronouns girl, she/her
Likes photons, shiny things
Dislikes lag!!!
Day of creation Nov. 21, 2020
Theme/inspiration the Internet

Cyberpink in the creation menu


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Cyberpink is a bright fuchsia pink bear whose fur seems to be glowing and made of polyester and covered in glitter. Her underbelly and back stripes are a lighter shade of fuchsia. On her butt is the Cloudy Bear mark. It's a light pink cloud.

She has pink fluffy, curly, voluminous, long, stripey hair that's all on one side, and on the other side is a cute side pony tail. Her tail is very short.

Cyberpink also wears a white hair clip to keep her hair out of her face, and she also wears a shiny heart earring. On her tail is a big shiny fuchsia bow made of silk. Her socks are a fuchsia-but-slightly-magenta color and has a light pink sparkles print on them. Cyberpink also wears bright magenta eyeshadow.

Cyberpink's resting b face is a "nwn" or "^w^". When she opens her eyes, you can see that she has no iris, and her corneas are made of glass. Her eyes are just a bright magenta, as if you are looking at a computer that's having Pink Screen of Death.


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Cloudy Bears are bears that are born from the clouds! But... Cyberpink was born in a different type of cloud! She was made in the Internet clouds! (That's it. I haven't made up a proper backstory for her yet lol)

Basically I wanted to make a technology themed CB and I decided that it will be shiny and pink, which is my favorite color. I took the name "Cyberpink" from my friend 0u0 I asked permission though.


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I forgot what I was going for with this shrine lol.. ... I think it looks kind of bad but I still kinda like it...

Cloudy Bear news: Cloudy Bear has been very inactive, for like, ~3 or more months now. Our leader(s) have been very busy. It's fine... But I wish I could do something about it. I will try

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Voice claim

Just beeps and boops and 01010110101010101

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I just searched "cute chiptune music"

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I dunno... I'm not good at moodboards... basically pink Y2K and webcore?

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