Pastel Girl

Pastel Girl is a free dress up game developed by Seyeon Soft. It is available in the Play Store and iOS app store(? idk i dont have apple). The art style of the game is very cute. Although, the items can be very limiting because you cannot change the color of the accessories, only the hair. There are some item bundles you can buy to expand your closet more.

Hover on some of them for captions

pastel girls I've made since July 2021


old pastel girls

I played the game a lot 2 years ago but I stopped since I got bored and had no motivation or inspiration to play it again. I recently recieved a new phone and my old phone will be handed down to my brother. Pastel Girl has no transfer data feature so I took a picture of the pastel girls that I like and I will preserve them here

the next pastel girls will come in sets of themes

vvv ice cream flavors they were selling in the school cafeteria vvv

vvv primary colors vvv

vvv secondary colors vvv

vvv pink vvv

vvv blue vvv

vvv purple vvv

cosplays of random media

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Danganronpa cosplays

Mobile Legends cosplays (a lot of these are made as jokes and are low effort)