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Heeeeyy~~ This is the simple, plain, easy to read mobile version of Heartspace! or maybe you're viewing this on a PC cuz the TNR font was too hard to read? I get that-- I really like my gothy red + black theme but I knew that not everyone would be able to read it. The text on this ver is in verdana and huge!

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Heart 143 is a website for dumping out all the dumb bs I spew!!~~ Stuff I like, stuff I hate, stuff that's going on, whateva!!!

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pov: Heart is over-explaining again

Also like, this mobile version is less detailed and "fun", mhm? In my mind I imagined the "mobile version" of my site to be just some thing a person could check quickly on their phone, like to see if my website had any new updates or something, so like the pretty designs and stuff aren't really that important. And like, it could double for the ez to read sans serif version of my site cuz I dunno how to do javascript magic yet. Two birds with one stone, aha, Heart is so clever~ ♡

Eh?.. ... any color of text looks terrible on a black background?? ... I know that... but at least I made my website more readable by like, at least 50%!