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I like that picture on the left the most because he is dying there!

Ok first off, everyone *knows* that I fall in love with the stupidest, most boring, most gross anime men ever. This guy is a massive GOOF! He's an assassin that can't kill anyone (WIMP!) He's an awkward stupid (LOSER!) He works as a homemaker/HOUSE HUSBAND (BE MINE~) and he's a 27 year old man who STALKED A 17 YEAR OLD (END YOUR LIFE!) He likes making jokes (weird jokes) (but I think they are funny) I also think he's really cute and I like his eyes and his hair and his slippers and I like how his mouth forms a little upside down v

I have finished re-watching chapter 1 of YTTD and he is indeed boring. It will soon be revealed that he's actually super important and stuff and that he was actually protecting Sara :3 no he WAS stalking her but he had good intentions!!

short haired mofo

I don't care. HE STALKED SARA!!!! Do you ever think of how Sara would have felt? I would have died. X_X DEAD!

Whatever, we can ignore that (but I'd really like to #^&@%#*!&@^%#*&@ him and &*@^#%*&@#^%*& HIS &*@#^*&@#^&# #t@&*#^@*&^ SO HE CAN %^&%@*!@^%*&@^%8@&% AND &^@#*&^*!@&%#^*%

I played Kai's Story in the side game Your Time to Shine: Island Existence. It took me a few tries to complete without letting anybody die ^.^ I didn't do the Sunnies event though because I didn't want to run out of food.. I want to play it again and try to help the dummies

YTTS: Kai fondness events :3

So I went through Nao's and Kanna's fondness events because of course I kept Kai and the 2 of them crafting. I liked both of them. Nao's events are pretty cliché but I still enjoyed them. Kainao may be a ship. It's CLICHE AS HELL but it's alright (I jest, HE DESERVES NO ONE!) (well maybe a friend is ok)

Kanna's events were cute. I like the dynamic between them. It's sweet and wholesome~

I watched the rest of the fondness events on Youtube and I'll talk about notable ones here

Alice - I LOVE THIS ONE it's so funny and Kai did yoga and high fives Alice

Reko - ANOTHER REALLY FUNNY ONE I love the sibling-y dynamic between them I thought it was funny when Kai continually teased Reko. Also-- was Kai trying to... flirt with Reko???! He sounded disappointed too when Reko didn't get his silly joke, aw. STUPID he doesn't deserve anyone

Sara - DISGUSTING! This is one reason to hate Kai and Nankidai. I don't like it! It's so fanservice-y. It's stupid. And I hate how they made like, SARA AS LIKE, KAI'S ULTIMATE PRIZE OR SOMETHING in the Sunnies ending! I kind of don't want to help the dummies because of it (but I must--) WHATEVER I might just be interpreting it wrong, maybe it's more like an uncle-niece type of love, but are we really just going to settle for that? Still it makes me sick

D-D-D-DISCLAIMER!: [November 30, 2022] I just want to clarify that the stuff I wrote here about Kai is partially exagerrated and may not be compliant with the canon. Kai's thing is that he protects, so you could say that he is pretty much a good guy (ignoring the Nao incident). Kai probably ~probably~ did not have any gross intentions with Sara. However after coming to terms with how I see it, I actually do ship Kai/Sara. The excessive hate I have shown towards the ship was just me in denial. Particularly, I like it when their relationship (in fan work) is portrayed to be something gross or taboo and not anything fluffy, good, or platonic/familial. That said, I don't support adults violating teenagers in real life. I hope you all understand ~yippee!!!~

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