Kai/Sara dedication pages

Created: December 6 to 7

!! WARNING !!: adult/teen pairing and gross sex things.. No graphic images

I was planning to have a two page spread but since I made the first page on the wrong side, I just settled with the back-to-back thingamathing here.

I have a page with more writing than pictures now, trying to explain about how I feel about Kai/Sara. I'm not sure if it explains it the best since I was a bit more focused on making the whole thing fit in one page and not make any big mistakes, but I think it's alright.

..Go crazy with the stickers.. I have tons of them

I don't own any of the Kai/Sara art there by the way! (Nor do I own any of the printed background pictures, except for the tartan at the bottom right corner of the first page) I don't know who drew the pretty one where Kai is holding Sara's face, so if anyone could tell me that would be great!! The artists of the other two are (from left to right) this one and this one

Strawberry jam