Kai Satou Pocky collage

Created: December 25 to 26

Tried something else this time. I held onto the box of Pocky that I ate about a week ago. I cut it up and glued it onto the paper and stuff... I think the result is pretty nice. I tried to use less stickers and avoid over detailing but it doesn't seem like I succeeded but it's ok. I was planning to use my chocolate stickers for this collage but I forgot and already filled up most of the spaces with red stickers. It's ok because that means I'm going to have to make more Kai collages in the future.

The Kai art in the middle is by this artist who I am extremely grateful for for drawing a lot of nice Kai art. I can't find the source for that Kai chick knife drawing I'm sorry... I'll credit it soon..

Happy holidays ^__^

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