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Hallo! This is Realheart's Colors TCG card stash! The page itself is pretty bare bones, but please make do with this for the meantime!

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My details
  • Player name: Realheart
  • Dreamwidth account: candyunicorn
  • Date joined: June 24, 2023

Total card count: 181

Activity log
  • July 8, 2023

    • Traded necromancy11 for half-born20 with @aratakis
    • Traded janken14 for half-born11 with @sinew

    July 5, 2023

    • Recieved enthusiastic02, izumo03, fanclub18, clutch11, astromancy13, dreamsend01, sky12, miss18, irisphone05, repetitive02, 203210, sakugarne11, themongrel19, luzrov10, vampire15, ural12, armlet06, piglets09, dolls19, puyohell10, stranger13, mirakurun04, region06, prosecute14, housepet13 from Pick a Color 239
    • Recieved sheetmusic09, friendships14, dresses01, spoiled08, rarechips06, sickbed12, sheikahslate09, marry10, astromancy16, thehatter10, neozeon12, janken14
    • Recieved mulberry11, foxfaced06, greatninja10, yard06, tophat07 from Most Wanted 72
    • Traded perky13, ao-chan02, liar07, neoaikido10 for summer19, lemonsoda04 with @emoswears

    July 2, 2023

    • Recieved duplicate01, touou16, skyworld11, magister01, tonkotsu12, chihuahua06, foxfaced17, seaslug14, evilmonk20, wakaba01 from Pokeradar 327
    • Recieved luzrov11, watching18, carla07, ken-chin05, witchmark10, dousing20 from Hi-5 Radio 207
    • Recieved dragondive01, wineglass01, ultima04, might20, sour03, meibe10, paint19, pageant05, gifted05, airhead07, merak20, socialmedia07, mikrokosmos16, aura07, art04, pokedex17, firebrand07, biker15, coroner09, highrollers02, runt15, yomi08, expressive06, cityofrain10, threestars13, slumbering19, arsenal02, shell18, summon19, lighter06, 1*P crayon from Colors Concentration 016
    • Recieved oren01, rulerstruth01, swordsmith12, tengumask01, emeraldwitch01, violetwolf01, topgun05, soultaker01, perky13, kurozu-cho13, glenbook04 from Release 158 - June
    • Recieved 13birthday18, apron10, redroom11, apron15, apron20, redroom15 from Colors TCG 13th Anniversary - day 18
    • Recieved bentenmaru18, equable04, royalblood14, doubles16, wfd08, aokiji17, pickpocket03, authentic09 from Reading Between the Lines 349
    • Recieved landlady18, beatcall14, garland11, necromancy11, lilikin09, prodigy18, pacifism02, immortalize04, sylvestris17, patissier20, neoaikido10, publishing15, taciturn17, tarotrei17, modsoul03, irises01, keraunos14, unlicensed10, kyotouryuu18, locodol11, bandekanone06, disobedient09, tsukihime06, happysong03, scoop11, 65802, eightchi08, wrestler05, dorothy12, ao-chan02, 1*R crayon from Puzzle Chains 266

    June 29, 2023

    • Traded brandless17, shoutoku06 for cigar11 with @emoswears
    • Recieved asunaro05, paired06, 1*(ROYGBPBrG) crayons from @deadlihood
    • Traded filmmaker15 for apron12 with @deadlihood

    June 28, 2023

    • Traded heartslabyul08 for apron08 with @phibby
    • Traded parlortricks05 for apron03, apron18 with @aratakis
    • Traded franchouchou06, bloodbag12, 90s09 for devour17, heartslabyul08, laverre16 with @koinuko_colors
    • Traded courtyard20 for apron03 with @loveberry

    June 27, 2023

    • Recieved striaton06, sommelier05, sommelier18, apron09, crabstache13, striaton05, folklorist07, crabstache01 from Little Spell Academia 267
    • Recieved bloodbag12, 90s09, shoutoku06, courtyard20, gambanteinn14 from Most Wanted 71 activity
    • Recieved nonary10, wise-crack17, parlor03, filmmaker15, parlortricks05, falchion06, lempicka19, whitesilver20, watakushi04, humble06 from Pokeradar 326 activity

    June 24, 2023

    • Recieved antigen09, beautiful09, cigar12, samuraionnna04 1*ROYGBPBrG from @makaronryzowy
    • Recieved striaton14, striaton19, dcn-02502, franchouchou06, liar07, marchen19, ruckus09, strait07, thread06, brandless17 from joining the Colors TCG
    • Recieved striaton11, samuraionnna20, 2*ROYGBPBrG crayons from @koinuko_colors


Collecting (high-priority)

striaton (5/20)

apron (5/20)

crabstache (2/20)

cryingdoll (0/20)

Future decks (mid-priority, keeping)

Mid-priority decks with (0/20) progress:

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
  1. emeraldwitch
  2. contract
  3. chainsaw
  4. butler
  5. joajna
  6. india
Your Turn to Die/Kimi Ga Shine
  1. paired
  2. vows
  3. laughingdoll
  4. artcollege
  5. mew-chan
  6. asunaro
  7. majority
New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
  1. folklorist
  2. develop
  3. waltz
  4. foresight
  5. sponsored
  6. doujin
  7. harumaki
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  1. softspoken
  2. canterlot
Cells at Work/Hataraku Saibo
  1. nucleus
  1. half-born
The World Ends with You
  1. sohcahtoa
  1. laverre
  2. sommelier
  3. trio
  4. ideal
  5. tsukkomi

For trade



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