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Ah! Welcome to my debut entry!

So so so! Last night.. I was feeling terrible, physically! My pillow is bad for my neck and it hurt... my arm hurt too! Other than that, I felt like vomiting and my head kinda hurt too! I was having trouble breathing too... I don't know the reasons for these but it sucked! So I got up and went outside my room to drink water... felt a bit better but still not good.

It was about 3AM. I didn't feel like sleeping anymore... mmm then I did something bad! I checked my phone! I checked my discord in case my friends are having a silly chat and I wanted to peek. They're active at night time for me cuz of time zones. They weren't chatting so I didn't spend that much time on my phone then I went to sleep.

I thought, "I didn't check it for long so it can't be that bad right?" You're wondering what bad stuff, right? Well in my experience, every time I wake up in the middle of night, I shouldn't check my phone! Cuz for whatever reason, if I do check my phone, I get a sleep paralysis dream when I go back to sleep! It's happened to me about 3 times before!

Well it happened again last night! Ugh... but you know what happened?? Actually before I went back to I was expecting to have a sleep paralysis dream, but I was hoping that I won't, but I went to sleep anyway. And so I had the sleep paralysis dream! But in my dream, I was totally aware! I was like, "ugh me god! It's the sleep paralysis thing!" every sleep paralysis dream I have, something weird or creepy happens so I was like, "not this time, monsters!!!!" and I did my best to sit up! I wanted to get up to show them that I'm awake and they may not touch me!

I did sit up! but in a very weird position! I was sitting up but my arms were stuck in the same position as if I were laying down. Then suddenly I "woke up"! I gained consciousness again, and I was laying down again. But I was still paralyzed, so I thought, I'm still dreaming!! I felt stuff on my back, as if something small was giving me a back massage with their feet. I was pretty freaked so I hoped in my mind "please go away please go away..." and so my dream ended and it was morning when I woke up!

It was weird of course, but also very wow! Like, I was aware I was dreaming! My friend told me it's some kind of super power, to be aware that you are dreaming, but I dunno! I do think it is cool~


I don't remember the date, but here's another example of me being aware of dreaming and controlling my dreams!

I don't remember the other parts of this dream, but here is what I remember: So there I was, at some farm of some sort, ordered to plant seeds under the blazing hot sun! I was given 2 partners to work with, and it was... Johnny Test and Dookie?!

I was like, "nonono, no, no way!" But then I realized it's a dream! So I was like Um I wish my partner was someone cute, like someone from My Little Pony! Then suddenly Johnny and Dookie were gone and Fluttershy was there! Yayy!!!


I had a dream last night where I was playing some kind of Danganronpa dating sim and I was playing as Tsumugi and Shuichi was my sidekick buddy! I was talking to Korekiyo the NPC. What's different is that Shuichi was really funny!


I had a weird dream last night. Korekiyo was venting to me and crying. He was telling me a story about how his sister cut his stomach open!!! Then she stuck in a sex toy upright in his guts... then proceeded to ride it! Ah why... I wonder what this means????

I also had this other dream where my teeth were really dirty! Like rotten! I was about to pick off the black gunk in the cavities of my teeth when I suddenly woke up cuz my pillow was giving me back pain


Two dreams last night... the first one was with Korekiyo again. He was significantly younger this time, maybe 14 or 15, and he was a regular classmate of mine. We were in class when suddenly he got up and went outside. I remember him doing a silly power walk while doing so hahahahaha xDDD then I forgot most of the dream but the reason he went out was because he was gonna cry. This is my second dream about Korekiyo crying, what the hell?

Then I had a second dream and it was terrible... My dad was telling me to do something and I was getting so pissed because he hasn't even prepared the thing he wants me to do yet, so I was there wasting my precious time searching for a certain monkey video (He told me I needed to decode the password from the monkey video) and I was screaming at him and my mom a lot like really angrily, like suuuper angry!!! There's also this part of the dream when I stumbled upon disturbing animal videos that were sexual in nature (not furries) while looking for the monkey video