simple coffee

A major part of the reason why I switched to Linux was the extreme customizability of the desktop. Windows 11 is so bad at it. Of course, along with the super customizability comes with the trials of being a Linux user in general, but honestly it's not that hard!!

I plan to share the configuration files soon :3


It's pretty simple and cute :3 Rocking that serif font

The window manager style is a fork I made from one of the preset themes in Oomox theme designer.

Bonus images (I took these screenshots before I figured out how to thicken the window manager style's sides)


Modified using Firefox Color, Tree Style Tabs and userChrome

Disappearing tabs effect made with userChrome

rofi app launcher

Its theme is also a modified version of one of the preset themes

(I don't know how to properly showcase things)

Alacritty terminal