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A picture of a mannequin head

Le petite poupée


Pronouns: it/its, he/him, they/them
Gender: Doll-like girlthing
Doll type: ragdoll
Favorite colors: red, pink, yellow, brown
Skills & expertise: Black Butler (manga), Kai Satou from YTTD, Pony Town avatar creation, crochet

To a stranger, I would describe myself as...


I don't like lying or hiding what I think of stuff. Even so, I'm shy and I end up not sharing my honest thoughts anyway. I do my best though... I do it better when I'm comfortable.


I think of every single detail (for some reason) and sometimes I don't understand, so I ask a lot, especially when it comes to social situations. I think pretty logically, I would say, but that does not mean emotions don't affect me.

and merry.

I like talking to people and it's not easy for me to hate people. I like fun things and joking around, though my humor is pretty dry. Sometimes it's only me who understands my joke, which may cause misunderstandings which might piss some people off, but I never intend to be mean. Sometimes I try to clear up things but some people are pretty lame, and if I find them annoying, I pull silly pranks instead.

I think:

  • There's not a thing that is not worth doing.
  • Knowledge is important!!!



I like both cute and dark themes, especially those that revolve around the concept of love.

Series I recently enjoyed: Black Butler (manga), My Little Pony, Sanrio, Spy X Family (manga), Your Turn to Die, Danganronpa, Mob Psycho 100 (anime), The School for Good and Evil (book trilogy)


I like creative, relaxing, casual games.

Includes: Pony Town, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Rhythm Heaven, Minecraft

Other automatons, robots, "dolls", genetics, pedagogy, literary classics, fairytales