Not ordered at all, there may be old art at the top, or not (man I don't date my drawings)

drawing of Misa Amane taking a selfie while L and Light are in the background looking at something (a computer screen probably)

1/16/22 - eh.. you know? ever since.. oh I'll whisper it to you *whispers hshahshshwashhshwahshshasah* yeah..! >__< But it's alright I think... ^_< I should take my time!

1/14/22 - Did my first ever commission for real money ever!!! Thank you so much again Koinuko!!!!~~ >_^ I'm happy I was able to earn money for my family!! I'm going to rework my art page so it looks a bit nicer to look at and create a commission sheet!!

1/14/22 - Figured I should share this!! This is a wip I've been neglecting!! Don't know when I'm going to finish it!!!

1/11/22 - I will start to date my drawings now. Anyway--- anthropology!~

This is a wip of my Kunnies OC, Mira (Kunnies is a Pony Town species, also my very first species, also rip Kunnies) I didn't finish it because MS paint is so damn hard to use and I'm a noob

This is a sketch/doodle of my OC, Allia, who is part of My own Pony Town species (really) It's a species based on moth and butterfly ponies, it's like, barely alive and I have been neglecting it

I was practicing pony anatomy

bombyx mori

Vice my scolipede

I abandoned this drawing because I thought Hatterene looked terrible but I'm looking at it now and I like it actually

This lineart something idk is suuuper super old, maybe like 2 years old now, here is a progress picture (Moved the lineart to Medibang for coloring, have not worked on it for ~10 months)

Ms paint thing trying out the brushes something something

for my friend

It's the guy


i dont know

no idea either



So like... following the headcanon that Shuichi is a massive DR fanboy, here's Shuichi cosplaying animegao Kirigiri but with mask off. This is supposed to be part of some comic but I scrapped it

Kaede likes MLP!

hmmm I dunno

Stardew Valley farmer sona woo


Fruitella my darling (Pony Town species OC, Milkshake Lynxes

Kagura Rainy Walk redesign concept

Pokemon BW2 protags

Microphone OUR beloved... <3

unfinished Mic ref sheet (for art fight)

Sketch of Ruby's upcoming skin. I plan to finish this in the future with digital.

Obsidian Pyrite mf (Pony Town species OC, Glass Galores) mf doing the middle finger no wait that s thats his ring finger nevermind I'm sorry (also I drew his hand backward)