Socials and Uses

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Other places you can find me:

  • as user "telltaleheart"
  • Melonland Forum as user "myrrhdoll"
  • My YouTube channel – I post silent and unedited gameplay videos on here
  • Spacehey as user "satoukai" (nothing here at the moment)

Neonet (Discord server)
(unrelated) do not join this lame ass Discord server


(Fun stuff I use)

button: Powered by Debian button: VSCodium button: Firefox

  • Main device: Lenovo Ideapad 3i
  • Operating system: Debian GNU/Linux 12 XFCE & Windows 11
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Firefox extensions :D
  • I like Firefox because it's super customizable. Upon discovering that you could modify Firefox with your own custom CSS, I went absolutely crazy and worked on my Firefox's CSS all day (both the Firefox and Tree Style Tabs extension). Here are screenshots of my first mod: 1, 2. The tab bar is very tiny and the tabs are not visible unless you hover over them. Everything is also cute and rainbow.

    NEW THEME! July 2023: "simple coffee" theme

  • Other fun desktop apps: Retrobar – gives your computer taskbar a skin; mine looks like the Windows XP Zune style taskbar (July 2023: I don't use it anymore! I switched to Debian)
  • Main code editors: VSCodium – Visual Studio Code clone but without the telemetry
  • Other code editor:
  • Code editor font: Victor Mono – I set most of the text scopes on my code editors as italic because the italics font style of this font is a really cute loopy monospace cursive
  • Art applications: Paint Tool Sai
    • Drawpile – an art program where you could draw with your friends real time in the same canvas, though I use it as my main art program because it's cute
    • Paint Tool Sai – I use this for more serious arts like for school, etc.
    • MS Paint – it's fun to draw with all the limitations
    • Kolourpaint – Linux alternative to MS Paint
    • Aseperite – a cute pixel art program that lets you animate stuff too
    • Pixel Studio – another pixel art program
  • Other applications: