I don't watch a lot of it


I prefer mangas over anime. The mangas that are under "Manga I have read" are mangas that I have read at least 30 chapters of. Either I finished it, am waiting for an update, or I dropped it/not reading for a while cuz bored


I lost my ability to consume books. It has left me after my 6th grade. I am trying to re-read School for Good and Evil trilogy


Yes I'm a gamer. I play games B^)

- Media is listed in order of when I joined the fandoms (but not the lists themselves, if ya get what I mean)
- this page is WIP

I think this is the first anime I have ever watched? Nozaki-kun is a comedy romance anime and it's really funny :P So basically, there's this girl who has a crush on this hella dense manga author! So she tries to get closer with him blah blah she gets to meet his weird friends! The story is basic but it's sooo funny! This is the anime where the "boy and girl running through the rain using the boy's jacket as an umbrella cuz they got none" and the "expectation: romantic walk under the umbrella vs reality: rain pouring on the orange girl's head cuz of oblivious partner" memes came from. Sadly it only has 1 season, with 12 episodes. There's also a manga and a movie, I think, but I never watched it

I was in 6th grade when I first watched it. Also, people say that the dub is better than the sub! So yeah, I watched the dub, and it was really funny alright, but I didn't watch the sub so I can't compare??!! Mmm, I think the explanation behind is that the jokes land better if it's said in a language you can understand! Whatever, whatever

I think, Mikoto Mikoshiba and Yuu Kashima are my favorite characters!

I watched this cuz I was young and wanted to feel edgy. The thing has 18+ scenes and gore... :( I didn't really finish it cuz everything got more graphic and dark so I just searched the ending on Youtube

Many people say it's really good and deep and stuff but I can't really have any say on it cuz I didn't finish it and I don't get it anyway

Although this anime *did* give me an obsession with religous themes like accurate angels and demons and Dante's Inferno whatever. Thanks for that

Watched MHA with my brother until season 3? or 4? I forgot. We dropped it because he didn't fing it interesting anymore, and I would rather just read manga than watch anime. But I didn't read it cuz I was overwhelmed with the many chapters (didn't occur to me that I can just skip to where I stopped in the anime). I like the world building though.

Dororo is an anime that came out in 2019. I remember seeing really pretty fanart of it on Twitter and I was like "omg!! it's the really good, dark, philosophical, pretty anime!!!" so I went and binged it. The premise is really good, like, a blind, deaf, mute, toddler-like doll boy tryna get his body parts back??? Awesome! Also, the anime's OPs and EDs are really good too. I like the OP 1 and ED 2 (Yamiyo "Dark Night" sung by utaite E ve omg!!! o///o)

Sadly... it got bad halfway and towards the end. Story-wise and art-wise. I realized this when I was watching it but I was in complete denial, like "Dororo bad? No way! right?" then I reached the end then I was all like :L "I wasted all that time watching and it wasn't even that good..."

I think, my favorite charcters are Tahomaru (but they wasted him) and Hyakkimaru cuz he's cute.

I watched Cells at Work with my brother cuz I thought it was funny and educational, so it would definitely help my mom teach him his Science lessons cuz then he would already know the terms beforehand

It was way more violent than I thought it was, but my brother and I still enjoyed it :P I shouldn't have let him watched it though... but oh well

I watched the first season with my brother but he got bored so I watched season 2 alone.

It's fun!!! Stopped watching at the 2nd to the last episode of the anime for some reason???? Probably because I started disliking watching anime in general. Felt like sitting 20 mins with full attention was a chore

I stopped watching anime for 2 years but I decided I want to watch Death Note, which I did this year, because my friend said it's good

I was hooked, alright! Then... episode 25.... Me sad forever.... [no point in watching if funny looking anime boy won't be on screen...]

Black Butler is the first manga that I completely finished reading (well, it isn't done yet, but I am up-to-date). It's really good! It's a shounen manga that takes place in Victorian England and it's all about mystery and supernaturals and stuff.

People are saying that Yana, the author, is dragging Black Butler which I can kinda see. Recent chapters are very short. It's cuz Yana is working on a game called Twisted Wonderland. It's still Japan-exclusive though.

I hope the ending won't be crap. (Did you know? The manga has been ongoing for about 15 years! It started in 2006)

Also, the manga is WAYYYYY better than the anime. The anime decided to create it's own story for some reason. The manga is better, end sentence.

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun is soooo pretty!!! I love love lovee the art and I love how it showcases Japanese culture!!! Also pink ghost boy is in it~

The manga is a fantasy and mystery manga. It does have fantasy and mystery in it, based on what I've read in the manga! The fantasy sure is cool and pretty and the mystery is mysterious!!~~~ kinda makes you want to read an extra chapter in each sitting. Other than that, that's it~~~ The fandom is SOOOO annoying! and the anime is TE-RRI-BLE!!! (Of course, as all animes are)

Spy X Family is a pretty new manga! It was published in 2019 and it's still ongoing. I LOVE IT!!~~ SxF is an action and comedy, espionage (spy genre) type story that takes place in the 1950s Europe(?) during the Cold War!

So basically, this dude spy (his name is Twilight) needs to make a pretend family to spy on and assassinate the leader of the other country! Then, he adopts Anya as his daughter, who is secretly a mind-reader! Then... he finds a wife, Yor, who's secretly an assassin! Isn't it so cool?!! It's so funny and cute!!! Like, *super* cute! The first few chapters got me SOOOO hooked! Aghh!! I love re-reading it, it's so amazing~~

But like... it definitely has it's flaws! It's not perfect,,~ It has a few filler and cliches are rare but they do exist.. one is happening right now in the latest chapter, 53!

Also Spy x Family anime is announced to be released in 2022!!!