Me sharing things no one on Discord would really care about: Keebo edition

Music about robots

Most of these remind me of Keebo but they're just songs that makes me think about robots in general. (Did you know that I like robots?)

By the way this isn't really a playlist. In my understanding a playlist has like some sort of meaning to it? I'm terrible at making playlists with meaning so these are just random songs that I happen to remember.

Also the playlist by MagicalTyger is like the best Keebo playlist I've ever found.

Pony Town OCs/Cosplays(?) that were inspired by Keebo

***Be original! Please don't eyedrop and copy my skins!***

This is a really old Keebo I made. I didn't delete it yet because I think it's very cute! I like bunny

The previous skin was a bit outdated in terms of the coloring style so I tried to make a new Keebo cosplay but this time with some design changes. I tried for a light red/pink Keebo with bunny characteristics and different clothing. The end result is this, it barely looked like Keebo and its design is too boring to be Keebo so I just declared it an OC. It doesn't have a name but I was thinking of Albert or Luke. He's british.

Next, I tried to make another Keebo cosplay. I was experimenting a lot with the colors on the hair and I really liked it, so I sort of trashed the Keebo cosplay idea and just created an OC with all the designs and concepts that made me happy! The end result is Mic! Short for Microphone. Microphone is a toy robot, sort of like those robot dogs that were popular in the early 2010s or something. He makes me really happy! You can see more of him in my art page.

And finally! I tried to make a personalized Keebo cosplay again and this time I was succesful! This is basically like "what if Keebo was human-ish-er and wears cool clothing?" I think this design I made is really cool and it definitely looks like a Keebo! Also his tail is supposed to be a bunch of wires but idk :P