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Title card

Design sheet

Student investigation report

Pre-game K1-B0

Keebo's outfit for Danganronpa's 10th anniversary! He looks decent! I like his coat, his scarf, and his tie. Not sure about the colors though. And I wish they changed his collar and didn't make his crotch like that! It puts so much emphasis on it!

Keebo's summer outfit! AMAZING! I can't find a higher res picture!

Beta designs

Yuck! Metal nipples?? How atrocious...

This one is more slender and sleek. Looks like Shuichi. Not a fan of the muscles. He'd be considered actually naked!

The one closest to the current design! I like how he looks chunky

(Some) In-game sprites

Happy bot!

Oh no... sad bot! Don't bully him please!

He's rolling his eyes at you emotional humans!

"That's robophobic!"

Shhh be quiet! He's trying to think. Give him time.

d'awww... :3

Hey you're scaring him!!! >://

I'm not sure where these pixel sprites are from but they are official! Hover for captions

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Tired Keebo...!

Why do they do this to him?

Keebo the printer!

This sequence is way funnier in video!

Rolling Keebo by photoshopronpa!

Time to pay for your sins!

Game Footage

The Funny

(Keebo's real VA, Lucien Dodge!)