My favorite cookies

Cream Unicorn Cookie

Cream Unicorn cookie!!! It's so cute!!! It makes me think of those pastel unicorn rainbow themed things like cake, slime, glitter, charms, and all those trendy things from the past years!

This cookie can turn into a unicorn!! It's so cute and wholesome!! Cream Unicorn cookie is both my and my best friend's favorite cookie

Me playing as Cream Unicorn

Gumball cookie

When I was new to Ovenbreak, Gumball cookie was my strongest!!! It's no longer strong now (RIP rare cookies) and I haven't maxed it out yet but I still think it's so cute xP

Gumball cookie is a great example of Devsisters' creativity. Like, they fused the idea of gumballs and paintballs!! Gumball is an artist of some sort whatever, anyway I think its design is really cool and cute~

Cinnamon cookie

Cinnamon was the 2nd cookie to become my favorite (it's my 3rd favorite cookie) I love it it's so cuuuute~~ (all cookies in this list are cute) I have Cinnamon fanart somewhere!! hope I could find it;; It was my first ever digital art ever

I love Cinnamon because it's a magician!!! And I really like the card suits motif xD Cinnamon's concept is so creative and so pretty. It's also so goofy xD

Snow sugar cookie

Snow sugar is actually ummm UGLY!!! Its sprite looks so weird... This cookie is supposed to be a child but it has.. adult proportions?! Whatever... It's still cute ^__^

Snow sugar is my strongest cookie and I maxed it out like totally ^__^

Peppermint cookie

Peppermint is sooooo cute!~~ It's the cookie that got me into Cookie Run in 2017. I saw it when a Twitter artist I really liked made Cookie Run fanart. I still think Peppermint is so cute

Wizard cookie

Wizard is so silly looking xD At first I actually thought that its an old man and not a child lol

I really like the wizard ice cream concept, and I really like the magic cookies in general

To be added: Ice juggler, Sugarglass, Birthday Cake, Creampuff