Chapter 2: Boy's Life of Despair

Taka exercising! I think it was funny!


I did her FTE again!! Now I can get 2 times the money, cha-ching!

I did Taka's FTE too. urauraaaa!!

lol he reminds me of those big chungus wholesome 100 keanu reeves redditors. yeah kinda cringe but as long as they don't harm anyone right? Hifumi is cute! I'm not saying that obesity is cute tho... wait, am i?!?! well whatever! he's real funny! But I think this is the last time I do his FTE! I lost interest in his story

Hehe Makoto ur funny

Uh oh stinky!!!!!!

Eerie... so eerie! Especially when the nighttime music is playing! Everything looks artificial! It reminds me of the hospital! And the paper cutout style NPC sprites don't help...

Haha! Byakuya said it! He said the funny meme!

God! He's so weird! He's just as delusional as Hifumi!

This is so funny to me!! Because it's like he's very pampered and he's taught that the world shall get on its knees for him but like welcome to the real world, nerdy!

Well at least he's not a potty mouth!

I thought this screenshot was funny. Makoto is really cute. I think I will boost his design grade from 6/10 to 8/10

Hey!! Byakuya has scene kid hair! Hahahahahaha!!! Yeah realistically I think a rich kid would have neater hair but the game devs needed to capitalize on the tall-skinny-man-in-a-suit-with-messy-anime-hair, Sebastian Michaelis type look to get the fangirls screaming!

Wait! Byakuya is good?!

I really don't want to admit this but maybe Byakuya isn't that bad! He's annoyingly arrogant but after some time I got used to it and sometimes I even find him funny! Like he's so ridiculous!

Also his motive!!!! After he survives (and everyone dies?!?!) he's gonna arrest Monokuma and send him to naughty jail!! Maybe he isn't the bad guy after all!! This makes me root for him! He's just really weird and different I guess!!! I see confidence, I likey!

Byakuya being weird

The trial

Mondo and Chihiro are pretty well written characters alright. I admire Chihiro's willingness to get strong. But the spotlight is on Mondo. His was a pretty sad story.

But this... I'm sorry because I found it funny. The way Mondo's brother sounds so casual xd

My reaction to the trial ending: "oh. Well that's unfortunate :/"

Yeah, I sound pretty bored about it. I mean I had a poker face the entire time but that doesn't mean it's bad. I guess I just wanted to be more wowed, you know? Maybe a reason why I'm not so wowed is because I already knew it was Mondo from the start. I was really glad about Byakuya's character though!

Ah.... poor Taka. I want to hug him.