Chapter 3: A Next Generation Legend! Stand Tall, Galactic Hero!

Hmmm I think it looks creepy.


This is a nice thing Alter Ego Mondo said

Agh!! The weird hairy eyelid sprite!!!

Waaaa!!!!!! Taka turned albino!!!!! I think it's really funny when he uses substitutes for swears!!! The game didn't allow me to do his FTEs during this sadly... I was only able to do 1! *sob*

He! He said the! the! he said the *foams at mouth n dies*


I was doing a little gambling here and there and something amazing happened! I got a Lucky free roll! TWICE! One after the other! Lucky two times back to back! yeah yeah??! What's more... after a few more rolls during the same go... I got Lucky again! Another free roll!! Hell yeah! Followed by ANOTHER free roll!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! That's 4 times Lucky!!!

Byakuya Free Time

I never thought that I would be doing this! Well, Taka is unavailable, and I think he's the most interesting character so far other than Celeste, and his trial skills are pretty good so like, why not?

It's just that... I didn't have any gifts! But...

An Emperor's Thong...

WHAT?!?!? What's funnier is that Toko is watching!

What a weirdo...!


Ok I don't like this part of Hifumi at all. You know... I thought that since he's the Ultimate Fanfic Creator or something, I thought he'd have a lot of social experience cuz like Cons are a place where fans socialize right? I really hoped that he would be different... But this just shows that he's hella awkward around real people! Really, I don't know why I didn't expect this. Well... I really like it when people show their passion for things. I think it's really cute when they just ramble about whatever they like to their heart's content, I even if I don't care about the thing they're talking about. But I guess I forgot that this passion may just be an unhealthy obsession that the person indulges in as a coping mechanism. To cope with inner problems I guess. I don't know why I thought Hifumi would be better. It's total mindlessness from me! Of course the characters here are all flawed in some way. I just hoped they'd be a bit more "different", I guess. It makes sense for him to be a victim.

Oh well... he was cute like a hamster so I'll give him that.

I totally forgot who were the victims of this chapter...

Girl nooo let go leave the hoe alone

Bruh moment

What's with the low res jpg!


I'm starting to like Yasuhiro a bit more. I liked it when he took charge for Taka :P I didn't take any pictures of him so there.

Makoto is surrounded by the dead! How lonely...

Hmmm yeah this is true sometimes

The screen started twisting around like crazy

Yeah!!! loser name!!!

Love that. Good for her

Why are Hifumi's legs so skinny?

Why does this look romantic

Ah did you know... "Taeko" means "my poop" in a language I know! Not kidding!

Hmm if she won all her life won't losing be something new to her? She should be throwing a tantrum right now. Ah but she's a liar...


Celeste's motive is to live in a castle full of handsome vampire boys!

Ugh, like, same!

I didn't get to take a picture during the execution but like it was so funny! Like everything was so cool and like elegant or something then BOOM! firetruck XD

Honestly I knew it was Celeste cuz like duh! I've spoiled myself a lot. I still really like her character though. They really did the Ultimate Gambler good. Make me kinda want to learn more about her! I only did 4 of her FTEs though cuz I knew she was gonna die soon. Time to consult Youtube I guess!

Taka's death was sad. I should have expected it. I actually forgot who the other victim was in this chapter other than Hifumi and I wasn't able to do his FTEs! Not gonna lie Kiyomondo was kinda annoying though.