Chapter 4: All*Star*Apologies

I played chapters 4-5 straight! I might mix up some information between the chapters. I didn't get to update because I invested my other time playing Pony Town. Right now I'm on Chapter 6 class trial! Also I don't have that many interesting pictures of Ch.4. Honestly I was kinda bored cuz Celeste died.

We can definitely see some Kyoko development in this chapter

teehee... she blush

She trusts us!

He's really bothered because he's not the smarty leading the trial



So polite! teehee~

I thought this part when Yasuhiro thought he killed Sakura was funny haha

The way she ran away lol!

Ugh 2 people just attemped murder on you... Sakura is done with this [poop]!!

I felt really bad for Aoi for this chapter. Like, she tried to get everyone killed because she thought they were better off dead. Like I've always thought she's the jolly and optimistic type and stuff and giving up wouldn't be like her. But she's kinda more than that!!... I started liking Aoi more after this chapter.

I didn't get that many pictures anymore because I was focused on the story. Sakura is very kind and caring, like, gentle giant type! Although... she doesn't look like your average anime girl so she's not that popular! Not that I didn't avoid her FTEs because of that too... Well I thought Celeste and Byakuya were cooler! Yasuhiro kept calling Sakura ogre! Rude >:(

Wha oh! Character development time! Basically he's "stepping out" because the game isn't "fair" among the competitors anymore because they don't like the game and would just give up to despair and not give their best like Byakuya does! And that's just no fun! At least that's what I remember from it... Whatever! Byakuya is good now lalalala

His reason is still really weird though! Maybe he's lying to save his pride

Kyoko also said this to Byakuya. Like, um hello? Yeah, Welcome to da real world buddy o_O

wat da dog doin

other stuff that happened: I did the Monomono Machine again and I got like 6 free Lucky spins! Maybe it isn't so rare after all and I don't have immense luck... (Wait! Makoto is the Ult. Lucky Student right?)