Look I know what you're thinking "ewww why do you play this gross do you even use deodorant" you are absolutely correct (I don't). MOBA games suck and breed toxicity. I used to be addicted to this game even if opening it makes my body do nervous things (tummy feeling weird, urge to poop, fingers cold) Don't worry because I got out of that phase and now I only play it so that my brother and I can bond. I'm just waiting for him to get sick of the game and drop it entirely. Despite all the game's toxicity and low quality, I still really like the game's characters (even if their lore is kind of crap). They're so unique and interesting and they have a lot of potential. I've been meaning to peek out the mobile MOBA phone gamer cloak of shame to gush about my favorite Heroes and now is finally the time.

Update [9.26.2022]: I love ghostie and I will keep playing this game just for ghostie. I have spent money on this game because of ghostie. They won, and I'm sorry.


Luo Yi Cecilion Faramis Carmilla