an opera singer, a blood demon


a girl who became a blood demon for love

Embrace of Night

Shadow of Twilight

Meet Cecilion and Carmilla, your friendly next-door vampire couple. Do not separate them.

... But it seems the people in charge with the art didn't plan their release well... CUZ WHY ARE THEY SEPARATED IN THEIR OFFICIAL ART??

A hero couple who were released on separate dates, hence the separate splash arts.
How ironic and sad

but good thing they're together in their other artworks (I don't know why Ceci looks so bad... on the other hand Carmilla rocks it all the time)

Carmilla's "Magician Girl" and Cecilion's "The Illusionist" Elite skins

Carmilla's "Phantom Countess" and Cecilion's "Phantom Count" Valentine skins

All these skins but their default skin is still their best. Who doesn't love a good red and black combination?

Their love story

Once upon a time there was a hot sexy handsome VAMPIRE man named Cecilion... but nobody knew he was a vampire... Actualy a blood demon.. same thing... The blood demon species is almost extint except for him because he's the only one left alive.. Cecilion had watched his ffriends and family MURDERED by the Abyssal demons because something. Cecilion fled to Avalor and became a SMASHING HOT SEXY and modest<3 opera singer/actor that everyone loved and wet their panties for. He was suuuuper popular and famous, but nobody in Avalor liked blood demons either! and they'd kill Cecilion too if they knew, so that's why he had to hide his identity and had to pretend he was human or something. Cecilion made 0 friends ever and so he was very very lonely

One the other side of things, there was a girl! A pretty, rich, brunette girl named... Carmilla!!! She was super pretty and super beloved but sadly that's the only thing she is, pretty. Even her family thought so and they kept trying to force her into relationships with rich men or something. ...

(ok so here's where it starts :P) It was another regular day for Cecilion... another big performance!! But they're all the same to him! He could't care any less because he's super sad and stuff, but when he walked onto stage he saw...... .. ......... ..... (omg are you ready XD) the most beautiful woman he ever saw ever, Carmilla!!! It was love at first sight... Cecilion wrote songs and sang them for Carmilla for every performance he had from then on. And of course the feeling was mutual!!! Carmilla is the #1 Cecilion fangirl of course. They date each other after shows secretly :)

ohh BUT BUT BUT!!!!! Carmilla's father WOULD NOT ALLOW IT!!!! Carmilla has to marry this rich earl!!! Because he's rich!!!! Disheartened, Cecilion ran away............. it was super sad of course... and then Carmilla killed herself!!! Cecilion heard of this, and visited Carmilla's grave... He's all hers now!! Cecilion brought him to his batcave and began the process umm... he drew his blood then did magic stuff and VIOLA! DIY SEXY HOT MAMA ZOMBIE VAMPIRE GIRLFRIEND OH LOOK AT HER.... she's gorjus with that white hair and super pretty dress.. but as a side effect she's always hungry for blood! And Cecilion says she's a bit cold, figuratively and literally then yeah, I mean, she's undead, dude!

Cecilion and Carmilla disappeared from Avalor and were never seen ever again..

Hero details

Bats and roses!~

yeah sorry.. these models are kinda... ngeh..

In-game synergy

Cecilion and Carmilla are meant to be played as a duo! (if that wasn't obvious enough..) These two cover each other's weaknesses very well. Carmilla is a roaming support, Cecilion is a midlaner mage! Carmilla protects, Cecilion attacks!

When the two are in the same team, Cecilion will get a 4th skill called "Moonlit Waltz". Upon activating it, he summons Carmilla (picks her up and carries her basically aww sweet) and gains a shield. Cecilion can use the skill again and Carmilla will land where Cecilion aimed the skill. Alternatively, Carmilla also gets a special skill called "Vermeil Shadow" when she gets summoned by Cecilion. She too can use the skill to throw herself at the target.

Cecilion's special skill with Carmilla: Moonlit Waltz Carmilla's special skill during Moonlit Waltz: Vermeil Shadow

why they ugly sorry

These special skills can benefit Carmilla greatly, since her mobility is lacking. Cecilion can throw her at enemy heroes so she can initiate. Cecilion can also summon Carmilla to save her from getting beaten to death by enemy heroes. Of course, the CeciCarm synergy requires good communication and teamwork between both players. I think it's impossible to achieve this in SoloQ! But either way, Carmilla is very unpopular, and honestly lacks as a Support hero. She really needs to get buffed! Poor Carms! One would rather pick an actual Tank hero to roam with Cecilion.

A little Carmilla rant

Carmilla I made in Pony Town

Carmilla was one of my main heroes and she is still one of my favorites, if not my most favorite. I started maining her right after her release, and she was pretty good! I was really determined to main her. I practiced her nonstop! I was getting the hang of it, and my winrate was pretty high (awesome) until one day... they decided to nerf her!!! The took away the movement speed buff from Carmilla's Skill 1. At first I was like aw well ok then :/ I just need to get gud.. But no actually, I played her less because it was really hard to get around and her Skill 2 (movement speed boost + stun) has a pretty high cooldown. I'd always get harassed easily by ranged heroes, which is why I end up feeding unintentionally. I played her less in Ranked mode but I still loved playing her in Classic. Until one day... they decided to "buff" her!!! It wasn't a buff actually, it was a nerf in disguise!!! They made her Ultimate have lock targeting but in exchange for her Skill 2's range!! I thought this was terrible, like why!!! They already took away her speed buff from S1, and now her already short, super long cooldown S2 has an even shorter range??! Why can't she have the best of both worlds?? We have broken Assassin/Marksman/Fighter heroes out here that have insane mobility AND short cooldowns!! but not for Supports??? would it be unfair for Supports?? The roaming Support/Tank userbase is suffering..

Or you know, it could be a skill issue from me :P but no I won't back down!!! Give Carmilla a buff pretty please!!!

It makes me depressed.. I want them to buff Carmilla so bad!!! Give her a rework!!! (but hopefully they don't change her appearance umm like they did with the other heroes... RIP Kagura and Ruby's bangs, Faramis, and Vexana oh Vexana...) Carmilla is already beautiful!

Some Cecilion ramble

(I haven't made him in Pony Town yet)

oohh ooohhh hhhhh oooooohhh I don't like that he's so popular because he's MY vampire himbo

Everyone knows that I main Mages now because unlike roam Supports/Tanks, Mages have the potential to carry a team, and Cecilion does it right

I've started to main him only recently, since my performance with Luo Yi has been lacking :( I swear it's my fault, not theirs!!... I've been trying Cecilion out a lot in Classic with my brother and I recognized his ability to win games. Other than that, I like this man a lot for other reasons that have nothing to do with his performance in-game, or any canon lore about him. Everything I like about this man is made up by me, and here I'll do my best to fish out my ideas from my brain pool and prepare them into hopefully understandable bites of information? I may do a bad job here but I did my best

Look I know he looks super serious and elegant and sad because that's his canon character but NO he's a BIG DUMB GOOF he's so silly what a weird silly you know one thing I found silly about him is how one of his grunts us literally "Au" like, you know that he is an opera singer right?? And he grunts like "Au" like what??!? man you are on a battlefield fighting for your life people are dying there's blood everywhere and you're out here doing vocal exercises??? And I'd know because I did vocal exercises and we were all like "au" I'm super fixated on the idea that Ceci would seem like a super serious person but he's actually a goofball. The guy can't even handle being near anyone and he'd be dead if it weren't for Carmilla his super lovely wife. Ok what else do I say I think his favorite character in Legally Blonde would be Kyle. I bet he does the hand thing. I bet he's vegan. He does all the housework while looking hot. sorry I like dumb feminine men

I wish I could write this better but all the things I want to write about him suddenly disappeared. Just know that he and Carmilla are happily married and have 3 kids and Carmilla is a pro wrestler actually