"A mage who roams between the binary of Yin and Yang"

  • Role: Mage
  • Specialty: Support/Crowd Control

Passive and Skills

Passive: Duality

Luo Yi's skills create marks of Yin and Yang on the field. Yin-Yang Reaction happens whenever two bearers of opposite marks come close to each other, dealing a whole lotta damage and stunning enemies, youch!!! Luo Yi's skills switch between Yin and Yang after each cast. Consecutively changing the enemy's mark will grant Luo Yi movement speed and shield for a small amount of time, giving them some survivability

Skill 1: Dispersion

Luo Yi casts magic Yin/Yang energy sand at the enemy (it hurts!!!) The energy will disperse in a fan-shaped area upon hitting a target, allowing Luo Yi to reach enemies behind the target. This skill has stackable charges.

Skill 2: Rotation

Luo Yi summons Fire of Yang or Aqua of Yin (a magic circle on the ground) that slows enemies and deals continuous damage

Ultimate: Diversion

Luo Yi creates a teleport circle around themself. After 3 seconds, they send any allied heroes in the circle to another location on the battlefield

Ahh... I love them. I love Luo Yi so much~ Just look at them and tell me that they're ugly and uncool. Don't, because I will come for you. I started playing them a ton because I got bored of Kagura, and Luo Yi is so much fun. They aren't that popular (at least from what I have observed), so players don't know how to face against them and they don't know how strong they actually are. I also love how Luo Yi is canonically a they/he non-binary who presents femininely sometimes (like me!) You don't have to Google this because it is true and you should believe me.

Emblem, Item build, Battle Spell, and Tips


  • Tier 1: Agility (movement speed)
  • Tier 2: Observation (magic penetration)
  • Talent: Magic Worship

Item build

glowing = core item
Arcane Boots Enchanted Talisman Genius Wand Holy Crystal Winter Truncheon Divine Glaive
Other viable items
Necklace of Durance Ice Queen Wand Glowing Wand

Battle spell

Flicker Flameshot


  • Luo Yi has a strong early game. They can deal a good amount of damage even at just Lv. 2, given the player utilizes the Double passive combo
  • Always keep S1 (Skill 1) and S2 (Skill 2) opposite with each other
  • Basic combo (1/2) - S1 to apply mark on the enemy, then S2 (opposite of mark on enemy) to activate passive
  • Double passive combo (1/1 away/2/1) - Luo Yi activates Yin-Yang Reaction twice in quick succession. S1 to apply mark on enemy, cast S1 again but don't hit said target (the purpose is to change the color/mark of S1), S2 on the enemy, S1 on enemy.
  • Escape combo - when in danger, cast Ultimate then activate Winter Truncheon active skill. This may not work if the player activates Winter Truncheon too early, and can be a hassle for the player's team mates in case they get teleported away despite not being in danger. I heard Luo Yi can be teleported during Immortality's animation, so that may be a better alternative but I have never tried
  • Ultimate can be used to give vision on the minimap
  • Luo Yi shines in crowded team fights due to their skills being AOE (area of effect)
  • Luo Yi is strong early to late game (which is why I love them)
  • Luo Yi does not have any mobility skills so positioning is very essential to be able to play them properly