Games I've completed

Games I've played but didn't complete

because I got bored or my data got wiped

I played these games on my phone trough emulation. I had no idea how to emulate 3DS games so I was able to play only until the DS games.

Pokemon Emerald was my first game and also my favorite... Yeah yeah I know it's expected XD I've played it about 4 times I think. I like it a lot because of the Battle Frontier and the Contests. I spent a lot of time on those on my 2nd run (the best run I did, the one with Trainer Bee)

Why do I have so many unfinished playthroughs? well... I get bored when it's time to train. I have like at least 4 badges one most of these games. Although in Platinum, I never even reached the 2nd town with the gym leader lol XD PMD Sky is there too, I really liked that game but I stopped playing it for some reason? Maybe it was because I died and lost something so I rage quitted... kehe

Even if I've never played them, I know most of the story of the main games, I think. Maybe not... but I really like the trainers! I used to be obsessed with them and shipped them a lot with each other.

My favorite generations are Gen 3 and Gen 5 (obviously XD) I'm sure the other gens are good too but I'm kinda bored of Pokemon games now.

My most recent playthrough is of Pokemon White. I wanted to play it cuz for some reason I finished White 2 first haha. I still haven't finished it and I'm on the 3rd gym I think. One day I will complete it... I really hope

Playing Pokemon has not been part of my hobby cycle for like, about 3 years. hmm :/

Although I used to play a lot on Pokecord and Mewbot! Formed new teams and stuff. Although I don't really consume any Pokemon content right now, I still like it xP