Gym leaders are hecka cool!

The Striaton triplets (my favorite gym leaders)

Chili, Cilan, Cress (left to right) are the first gym leaders of Unova in Pokemon Black & White. The are from Striaton city and they manage the Striaton gym (...duh) which is also a restaurant cafe of some kind (whoa!) And oh yeah! They're triplets! There is 3 of them

You can infer what type they use from their colored hair, Chili uses Fire-types, Cilan with Grass, and Cress with Water. In the game you only fight one, and who you will fight depends on the element of your starter! If you chose Snivy as your starter, you will fight Chili, and if you chose Oshawott, you will fight Cilan and so on. They like to use the elemental monkeys to battle! also a lillipup

Pansear Pansage Panpour Lillipup

This is the badge you get after beating the Striaton gym

I think they are very cool and cute! They're also known for like, serving the best tea in Unova, I think! Like, Chili boils the water to the perfect temperature, then Cilan finds the perfect tea leaves, then Cress... pours the water really good and that makes the tea taste good? Or he finds really good water for Chili to boil? Eh? Find it from what, underground? the tap? his pokemon? (ew!) I don't remember haha;;

I feel bad for doing this but my favorite triplets in order is: Cress, Chili, and Cilan! I really like Cress because 1) his name is so pretty~~, 2) he's pretty too~~ and also like.. gender envy, I guess! Chili is really cute too but he's always angry :( I like Cilan too but like, why are his eyes like that?? Why!! why was he born without eye whites... Not that it's a bad thing but like his brothers have eye whites but not him??? He's the odd one out! What if Cilan is adopted... Oh yeah and he plays the male sidekick character in the anime, good for him good for him ^_^ never watched the anime though

Also, speaking of the anime, Why is Cress voice sooooo deep! T_T I mean deep is ok, kinda good, but in the anime it's TOO deep for his pretty enby face! ughh!! Also Cress' name in Japanese is "Corn" that's funny


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